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Market Segmentation Concept Map

No description

Min Lee

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Market Segmentation Concept Map

Market Segmentation Concept Map
Benefit Segmentation
Division of the market based on the benefits customers seek from using a product.
Lifestyle/Psychographics Segmentation
Focuses on consumers' lives, interests and their views of the world
Regional Difference
Urban/Rural Differences
Urban/Suburb Differences
Areas within a City
International Geographic Segmentation
Household Factor
male or female
Age groups: teens, middle age, 20s, etc
How many are in the family
Income and Occupation
Use ranges such as low, middle
or high income.
Ethnic Background
Nike Soccer Cleats
Defenders: Nike Tiempo
Nike Tiempo is all about comfort and durability.
Unlike other Nike boots for midfielders and forwards, this provides extra protection for defenders who makes rough tackles throughout the game.
Mini-car: popular among young singles of both genders in urban areas
Mid size sedan: targets mid-sized families (usually around 4)
Truck: targets male blue- coloured workers
Sports sedan: usually purchased by young wealthy individuals. Historically, male customers are dominant but popularity is increasing among females.
Van: usually purchased by large families
Dribblers: Nike Mercurial Vapor
Playmakers: Nike CTR360 Maestrii
Downtown, residential area, etc
Different fashion,language, history,culture, laws and religion.
Vancouver: simple
Toronto: conservative
Can affect businesses, especially fashion businesses.
Urban: small and portable products
Rural: products in large volume
Demographic Term(s)
Min Lee
Yuppies: young city professionals
Terry Kim
Marketing 11 Ms. Lange Block.3

Nike Mercurial Vapor helps dribblers
run faster with its longer spikes.
CTR 360 is mainly for those players who
want soft touch and accurate passing that
can help their playmaking.
Blue collar?
White Collar?
For grass fields(longer metal spikes)
For hard surface or turf fields(short plastic spikes)
For indoor soccer(no spikes)
Nike's Mercurial Vapor cleats for different uses
Thank You!
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