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this is my prezi about horses and all i have learned will go into here.

Lizie Hood

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Horses

reasearch from books scan drawings This is Rosie videos and pictures from camera any extra information I find field trips Name: Rosie
Age: Ten yrs
Colour: Chestnut
Gender: Mare (Female)
Height: 13hh (131cm) Horses This is what I have learned There are many different types of horse, and this one is a palomino, did you know that palomino can also be the colour of a horse! This is Toby Name: Toby
Age: 24yrs
Colour: Chestnut
Gender: Mare
Height: 14.3hh there are many
different ways
a horse can look,
for example, its
nose can either
have a Blaze, a star,
snip or stripe, and
either socks or stockings
lower legs, below their knees
horses need feeding twice a
day, and I will feed my horse
a mix of sugar beet pulp, chaff,
which is chopped up hay, water, garlic
powder and vegetable oil (only fortnightly). horses also can catch diseases like colic, which is when the spring comes, lots of new lush green grass grows and horses eat too much of it, causing their tummy to hurt a lot and they don't tend to eat much. did you know that in 2011 two race horses died after they found broken electricity cables under their stables, causing a muscle spasm and death.
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