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The Mocking Jay

The third book in the Hunger games trilogy

Julia Leonardi

on 28 March 2015

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Transcript of The Mocking Jay

The Mocking Jay
What is the Hunger Games?
The Hunger Games are a competition to the death where 24 kids fight until only one person remains. The point of the Hunger Games is to remind people not to rebel against the capitol. It was created after district 13 tried to destroy the capitol causing district 13 to be blown up.
The War
In the Mocking Jay, Katniss Everdeen is brought to the District 13 which is now located underground. The people have been planing for years to kill President Snow and end the Hunger Games and Katniss was in on it the whole time without knowing.
The book mocking jay is the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy and was written by Suzanne Collins. The series takes place in a future country called Panam. The book was published in the year 2010. The Mocking Jay movie has been split into 2 parts the Mocking jay part 1 is coming to theaters in November 21, 2014 and part 2 in November 20, 2015
About the book
The author of the Mocking Jay is Suzanne Collins. She was born on august 10th, 1962 in Hartford, Connecticut. She used to be a writer for children's TV shows. When she met children's writer James Proimos, she was inspired to write her own children's novel .
about the author
this is a picture of president snow, the president of Panam.
Why I Recommend This Book.
I would recommend this book because it is so exciting and is one of my favorite books. Also, I thought it was a great end to the Hunger Games trilogy.
Then Katniss is dropped of into the capital of panam where president snow is except, the capitol set up traps to stop them, making the capital just like the Hunger Games. Except this time, everyone is a part of it.
Katniss Everdeen page 180:

" If we burn, you burn with us"

This is what Katniss said to the capital right before the war.
I am comparing Mocking Jay to the first 2 books of the Hunger games. I liked the first 2 books but the Mocking Jay was my favorite. The trilogy has one big storyline but the books each have an exciting twist that changes the book. And I found the Mocking Jay was better than the others.
My Favorite Quote
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