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Conventions of Band websites and magazine adverts

No description

Fred Alexander

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of Conventions of Band websites and magazine adverts

Magazine Adverts
Some conventions may include:
-One main image/design
-band/artist name
-name of album
-release date
-website information
-eye catching and bold fonts
Artist Website
Conventions of Band websites and magazine adverts
Band name conventionally at the top of the advert. Using the same font as they usually would for the name of the band anywhere else to connect to wherever the viewer may have seen their name before >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Main design or image. Here it shows a silouette of the band >>>>>>
album name and short bit of information ^^^^
website information to the far right, informing the viewer of where to find the album or more information.
This advert does not have a release date which i assume means that the album had been released by this point.
Large band logo at the top of the page with a matching colour theme through the whole website
Audio player which should play music by the band as you scroll through their website.
Many different options scrolling cross the page, for example the news section which will give informaton regarding recent events or dates to do with the band, for examle a show that they may have played.
The 'community' section where fans can join and i assume get exclusive information to do with ticket sales or exclusive shows, and maybe even chances to interact with the band and other fans
The 'store' section where people can purchase merchandise and physical copies of the bands music like vinyls.
There is a gallery section as well as a media section which shows videos and photos of the band performing or on tour, etc.
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