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ICT Components

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Aaron Patten

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of ICT Components

Hardware and Software to make graphics

Aaron Patten Internal computer parts Input
devices Output devices External Storage Software Input Device
Graphic Tablet
Digital Camera
Mobile phone/tablet Output Device
Colour inkjet printer
Colour Laser printer
PDA Internal Computer Parts
Graphic Card
Main Memory
Hard Disk
Cache Memory
(CD)ROM Software
Paint Shop Pro
Adobe Fireworks
Microsoft Paint
Image viewer External Storage
USB Memory
Hard Disc
Photo galleries Firstly a mouse. Mouses can range from about £4-60. More expensive mice are used for gaming and come with up to 32 KB memorey, to store software. A mouses jobs is to be able to select an option from a menu or an icon from a desktop or play games. A mouse is a hand-held device that controlls the placement of the cursor on the screen. It selects icon menus, option menus. This is why a graphics designer would use a mouse. Secondly keyboards, They can range from £6-115. The more expensive keyboards come with more features and short cut keys. Short cut keys allow you to go from page to page using key on the keyboard. Keyboards are used to ad text to software, so a graphic designer may use it to ad writting to a design. A keyboard allows you to type text into a word processor or you caould play games with a more specialised gaming keyboards. Thirdly digital cameras. These can range from £40-450, The professional one can be very expensive as they produce much better graphics than a normal one! The expensive cameras produce a much better quality image because they have a larger number of mega pixels. They also have more features such as image stabilisation. The resolution is measured in pixels and then the pictures are stored a memory card/ external memory. Photographs taken can be uploaded on to a computer using a USB cable, from there you can manipulate it by using a graphics software. Some cameras can also take short videos which can also be edited on a graphic software. graphic desiners use these to take pictures or short videos which they can then edit it on a graphivs software. A microphone can range from about £5-40. The more expensive the better the sound would be when recording. It is an imput device that is used to convert analogue sound waves into digital format. It can be used for voice recognition, so you can imput command into your computer Secondly a laser printer-non impact printer. They can range from about £68-408. The more expensive the printer is the bettern the resolution and the greater the speed. They can print top quality documents. It uses a rotating disc to reflect laser beams. These are commonly found in schools. Graphic designers use laser printer to print of letter or leaflet as it is a fast way to print good quality images. Thirdly an inkjet printer-non impact printer. This printer is the cheapest printer around now, they can range from £25-200. The most expensive printers have better resolution and print at a greater speed, they can also be portable. These printers are most commonly found in homes. The ink is sprayed on as droplets from a nozzle on to the paper. They give the user good quality text and graphics and can print on to different types of media. This is why they are good for graphic designers. Plotters-impact and non impact printers. These are the second most expensive range of printer. The price ranges from £750-7500. They are mostly used to produce larger pieces such as maps and architects buildings... It enables very accurate and high quality diagrams to be produced. A plotter has a arm which holds a pen, different coloured pens can be found. The arm is controlled by the computer ( X-Y axis) The pen makes contact with a sheet of paper when a line is required. graphic designers use these to printer larger files! Finally monitors or VDUs (visual display units) is a piece of hardware with a screen on which information from a computer can be shown. There are various types such as a LCD (liquid crystal display) or a TFT (thin film transistor) or CRT (cathode ray tube). The quality and detail of a picture on a monitor depends on the resolution. This allows the user to see what they are doing. Paint.net. This graphics prgram is free to download and is very good with creaing interlligent ideas. There are many different tools on paint.net that can be used for graphics editors. It is simlilar to MS paint, but is more complexed ideas. Adobe fireworks is a good graphic degisning page. It can be found expensive to dowload but over all it is a great piece of software. It is a bitmap and vector editing software, that is aimed towards more complexed ideas. It is great for editing images aswell. R.A.M stands for random access memory. This type of memory can be read from and written to. It is volatille memory (it loses data stored in it when the power suply is switched of. It is used to hold programs and data that the user is currently using! The size of the RAM can effect the speed of the processor, so the larger it is means the faster the processing gets. So a greater amount of RAM memory means that more instructions fit into that memory and therefore, larger programs can be loaded at once. It is improtant for a graphic designer to have RAM to be able to store programs, and it make the computer work more efficiently. C.P.U (central processing unit) This is used to carry instructions of a computer program. The CPU controls imput and the output of data. It controls the flow of data within the CPU. It is like the brain of the computer, it sorts files, it does the searching and calculating. USB memory are like memory sticks. They plug into the USB spot on the computer. These are very bebificial for a graphic designer as it is portable and extremly easy to carry around. More expensive ones will have alot more memory. This memory is useually measured in GB (giga bite) Hard disc is a local storage, it stores applications such as Micro Soft Office. This type of memory is the main storage device in most computer systems. A typical hard disc drive consists of a number of rigid discs. Each disc has two faces, these faces are magnetised. Each of these faces are laid out in tracks and sectors. a graphic designer uses a hard disc to store files on and it is portable. Graphic cards can be penetrated into a computer. This will improve the graphics on your computer. The graphics card generates signals which is sent to the monitor (VDU) It is good for a graphic designer because they will need to download a number of different programs and save variety of different images which will take up alot of memory. You can get external hard disc aswell as local. Hard disc is a device for storing and retrieving digital information, primarily computer data. It is a non volitile RAM, they have decreased in cost and physical size over the years while dramatically increasing in capacity and speed. It is beneficial for a graphic editors because they need a large memory which a hard disc could have, graphic editors may use these to save images and graphics on to. Microsoft paint is a simple graphics painting program that has been included with all the Microsoft versions. Graphics designers don't really use this program as it is only for simply ideas. Younger personnel use this to create ideas because it is an easy software to use! It is a dedicated bitmap software. The main memory holds the programs and data that are currently being used. It contains two different types of memories--- ROM and RAM ROM (read only memory) This type of memory can only be read and cannot be written to. It is non-volatile memory i.e it retains data even when the power has been switched of. It is used to store progams that are more frequently required by the computer. Without ROM your computer would be unable to start! there is also CD ROM (compact disc-read only memory). is a pre-pressed compact disc that contains data accessible to, but not writable by, a computer for data storage and music playback. Paint Shop Pro (PSP) is a raster graphic editor. It is very similar to Paint.Net, but has been modified a few times. It is beneficial for a graphic designer because its useful for creating ideas and graphics for your work. It is easy to use and is capable of creating good ideas. this software is a dedicated photo manipulation software. Gimp is a vector editing software. it is used for portraits to change things like the skin colour or the hair colour. PDA (personal digital assistance or the person data assistance) Nearly all of these items connect to the internet. It has an electronic display which enables browsing. They can also be used as a portable media player and recent ones can be used as a mobile phone. Recent ones also can be touch screen or have a smaller version of a key bored. CoralDraw is a dedicated vector graphics software. It is a well known software and is frequently used by graphic editors. This software is similar to the others, it can create great images and is very useful for graphic editors. It can be seen to be used for older aged people as it may seem to be a little to sophisticated for children... Mobile phones and tablets are very good for graphics designers. They are handheld which benefits them as they can be carried any were in a pocket... tablets are also Photo Gallery is a photo management, tagging, and editing tool. It has been developed over the years by Microsoft. It is good for a graphics designer because when they save images in a photo gallery and it is easier to see. Also they show the files format which could be important to the graphic designer for many reasons such as the file being to big, or the resolution quality not being good enough. An image viewer or image browser is a computer program that can display stored graphical image; it can often handle various graphics file formats. Such software usually renders the image according to properties of the display such as color depth, display resolution, and color profile.
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