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Drill Press Presentation

A short presentation to introduce students to the main parts and operation of the Drill Press.

Lynn Settles

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Drill Press Presentation

The Drill Press is a machine that is used to drill holes in wood or metal. By changing the drill bit in the machine, we can drill holes of many diameters. When using the Drill Press, safety is essential. You must ALWAYS use safety glasses. Put them on BEFORE you turn on the machine's power switch. The power switch is located on the front of the Drill Press. Double check to make sure the drill bit is installed correctly, and it tight before you turn on the switch. The Drill Press is a very handy machine, and is easy to use when you follow the safety precautions for this machine. You want to make sure that you do not have any loose clothing, like neckties or loose sleeves, that can become tangled in spinning parts of the Drill Press. If loose clothing should get caught, it can drag you into the machine before you can move or think. So, button your sleeves, or roll them up to your elbows, and move ties, necklaces, and similar items well away from any moving parts. Make sure you have a firm grip on the material you are drilling with your left hand, and use your right hand to turn the handle to advance the bit into the work stock. Never, Never, Never, cross your arms as you operate the Drill Press. That would be very dangerous!!! EJMS Pre-Engineering
Drill Press Presentation Power Switch Chuck Drill Bit Feed
Handle Table Drill Press Parts
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