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Prezi & Rockethub Present: Fuel for Ideas

Prezi and RocketHub are teaming up to make crowdfunding easier. Want to win $1,000 and a one-on-one consultation with Peter Arvai? Enter the #FuelForIdeas Challenge! Visit http://prezi.com/fuel-for-ideas for more information!

Goliath Digital Studio

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Prezi & Rockethub Present: Fuel for Ideas

RocketHub Success Formula
Create the Goods
Tap Into Your Network
Post a Resonant Project
1st Degree
2nd Degree
3rd Degree
You and Your Team
Friends Family & Dedicated Fans
Friends-of-Friends & Acquaintances
Broader Connections & the Crowd
How do you do that? You need a simple plan.
Projects that raise the most are the ones that start with Tiers 1 and Tier 2...
...and build momentum into the Tier 3.
Uploading your project to RocketHub is just the first step.

Take full ownership of your crowdfunding campaign, and commit to a plan built on what you learn here at the Success School, but allow for flexibility.
Step 1:
Commit to the dynamic campaign.
Handpick 15 to 50 people in your network that love what you do, know what you are all about, and trust you. It is very important to have your first followers primed and ready to contribute right after you launch.

This provides the public social proof of your credibility, and other funders will follow their lead.
Step 2:
Reach out to your first funders.
Project Title
Write a title that differentiates your project - use words like “support”, “fund” and avoid words like “help”, “donate”
What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding [kroud-fuhnd-ing] noun, the act of many people contributing money to a project in exchange for a good or service, esp. to expand and democratize opportunity: crowdfund the album; crowdfund the start-up; crowdfund the research; crowdfund the event
RocketHub is the world’s crowdfunding machine.
RocketHub is the fastest growing crowdfunding community in the world and has been featured in:
and many more!
Doe's Cookies - Support my cookie start-up project
Include your name and/or the name of your organization
Doe's Cookies
Introduce yourself

Keep it to 3 to 5 paragraphs

Have a tone that is reflective of who you are

Tell the back-story of your project and your journey until this point

Touch on “why this project matters”

Project Description
Visit RocketHub
John Doe (You)
Keep the funds you raise with no upfront cost to launch.
Raise money from anywhere around the world for any type of project.
Art, science, business, and social good projects—all are welcome.
Include high-level details on where the money is going and what you are trying to accomplish

Explain how RocketHub works to liberate ideas

Make your call to action (i.e. what you want people to do [fund] and why) clear and compelling, convey “I need you to make this happen”

Be authentic, be confident, show passion for your project and passion for adding value to others

Talk about the unique Goods each funder will get in return for their contribution
Make it relevant and catchy via intrigue, humor, and authenticity
You can upload an audio file to your project page or your project’s prezi

Audio can build additional credibility and foster further engagement
A prezi and/or video should be considered mandatory.

Projects with visual components have a much higher likelihood of funding.
And, most importantly,
with a prezi or video, your
project has a higher probability of
“going viral.” Don’t forget to address the RocketHub
community in your prezi or video – and thank them for taking a look at your project.
Visual components engage supporters in a more dynamic way than your project description. Plus, a good prezi
or video gives viewers a reason to
stay on your project page.
Doe's Cookies Funding Project
My name is John, and I've been a professional baker for over 20 years. All my life I've been in love with cookies but found cookies to be too expensive. I've decided to create a project with the goal of delivering tasty munchie cookies at low-cost for everyone!
I need support in opening my first store and investing in equipment and think that RocketHub will launch my project and make everyone's cookie dreams come true. Donate and all funders will receive a bag of delicious cookies!
Doe's Cookies
When appropriate, include a video of a demo or diagrams of a product.
Be creative.
Update your prezis or videos.
Make your call to action
Support our project and get a free cookie!
Pick images that reflect who you are and what you are doing with your RocketHub project.

Include images to showcase your Goods.
School & Educators
You can make new ones to keep your audience coming back for fresh and dynamic material during your campaign.
(i.e., what you want people to do [fund] and why) clear and compelling.
and help cookie lovers everywhere!
Funders will receive
1 free bag of delicious cookies!
Launch Your First Project
with Prezi!
Facebook is a great place to say “Thanks for the contribution Ricky – can’t wait to deliver your Goods!”

This builds credibility for your project to spiral out to a wider network.
Step 3:
Thank your first funders publicly and establish a dialogue.
Step 4:
Spiral out to your social network.
Announce your project on your email list, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and any other social media you use.

Don’t make it too salesy or make your project feel like a donation, charity, or begging. You are simply offering your network a fun journey and a real value.
Step 5:
Let the story unfold.
Update your project on a daily basis by adding blog posts and comments, or updating your prezi/video. This is a great way to keep your followers aware of how your project is doing.

Publicize and celebrate accomplished and upcoming milestones, like percentages of funding reached or blog and press mentions.
Step 6:
Keep them talking.
Find fun ways to stay relevant and keep your followers coming back by adding new layers to the journey.

This could come through new Goods, live events and fundraisers, or other imaginative short-term initiatives.
Step 7:
Meet the press.
Once your project has momentum, reach out to press and bloggers.
Step 8:
Bring it home and finish strong.
Messages during the last few days should be updated faster and delivered with more frequency.

Build on your success and add a sense of urgency combined with gratitude. Be sure to thank everybody for coming along for the ride.
Be thoughtful about the Goods you offer. They are a core part of determining success.
Have a wide range of price-points:
Extra Large
The possibilities with prezi are limitless
It is the catalyst that gets the funding ball rolling.
As you prepare to launch, view your network as having three tiers.
Most of your initial funding will come from your network.
And that is for one basic reason:
Have the small level be easy to distribute
(e.g., MP3’s, digital still pictures, acknowledgments on a website)
Create a Goods menu that reveals your character and project brand.
Sticker, pin, magnet, mug, poster, t-shirt, etc.
(e.g., custom, handwritten, signed, numbered, limited).
Make the Goods special, unique, in short supply
VIP tickets/access to the show, event, launch party
Medium level is often physical goods
Product named after funder
Digital, physical, “Deluxe version,” or autographed version of the album, book, app, product, art, report, etc.
Copies of your previous work or products
Make the Goods special, unique, in short supply
(e.g., custom, handwritten, signed, numbered, limited).
Large & Extra Large level are services or experiences
(e.g., their name featured, access to a live event, join in on production).
Allow funders to be part of your project
Thank you on your website, on your product, in the CD liner notes, in the film credits, in your research report
(the ones your business or organization will produce once the project is done)
Free or discounted goods or services
Postcard, email, phone call, Skype call, etc.
(e.g., if you paint, do photography, love cats, work that into your Goods).
Use Goods to help funders feel like they know you
(e.g., invite them to live shows, workshops, consulting sessions, tours, dinners) and provide these at various price points=.
Offer experiences that get you to meet funders face-to-face
Lesson in something you know
(e.g., audio production, business planning, welding, writing, coding, surfing, film, etc).
(e.g., character names, product naming, song titles, walk-on acting role, etc).
Presence in the creative process
Create your project prezi
with a
helping hand
our project
Prezi is partnering with RocketHub to help you harness the power of the crowd and make your ideas reality.
To learn more about the Fuel For Ideas Challenge, and to win the chance to get your idea funded by Prezi, head to:
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