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Theoratic government

Shaleena Ravji

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Theocracy


What is Theocracy?
Theocracy is a form of government when a country is ruled by certain religion authorities. Usually the head person is a priest who rule in the name of the god or other super natural forces depending on the religion. The Greek definition of theocracy was 'rule by gods' and it was first used in the first century A.D by the Jews.
Iran's Theocracy
Iran is led by an Islamic religion. Iran’s President’s name is Hassan Rouhani who was very recently elected in. But a man called Ali Khamenei has more power than him. He is what they call a ‘supreme leader.’ Usually the supreme leader isn’t involved in elections but in 2009 Ali Khamenei was seen by the public to be the supreme leader. The Leader appoints the heads of many powerful posts - the commanders of the armed forces, the director of the national radio and television network, the heads of the major religious foundations, the prayer leaders in city mosques, (mosque is a Muslim temple or place) and the members of national security council’s dealing with defense and foreign affairs.

Features of Theocratic government
The country or state is ruled by a priest who rules in the name of the god. It is also when the lawmakers believe that the leader are governed by the will of the god and write laws predicted on his belief. The leader of theocratic government is believed to be in direct communication with the god of that religion and selected to take care of their country. The state or country is directed by the god and bless it. There is no legal separation between church and state. There is also exclusionary towards other religions.
How can ordinary people participate in a Theocratic form of government
People who live in that country or state will be a part of that government therefore involved with the religion. It depends if the ruler rules with a democratic from where the public can vote and make suggestions or whether he runs in a dictatorial form.
Difference and similarities between Democracy and Theocracy
Powered by religion
Forms of government used in countries at the present time
He also appoints the chief judge, the chief prosecutor, special tribunals and, with the help of the chief judge, half of the 12 jurists (a jurist is a person versed in the law, as a judge, lawyer, or scholar) of the Guardian Council – the powerful body that decides both what bills may become law and who may run for president or parliament. According to Iranian constitution the Supreme Leader asserts the authority of the president. He can veto the laws made by the parliament and traditionally he permits for presidential candidates to proclaim their candidacy.

How does a Theocratic government affect peoples lives?
Ali Khamenie
Public have a lot of input in suggestions and ideas
Not religion based
Every citizen has equal rights
Primeinester/ President only
Elections are held for the public
Laws are pronounced by god and are interpreted by the spiritual and religious authorities
Run by a representative of the god
The leader is thought to have direct communication with the god
Not one person who is a
complete dictator
Ends with 'acracy' meaning
ruled by one person
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Thanks for

By Shaleena Ravji
I depends on the leader and how the leader chooses to work with the religion. It also depends if the leader rules as a dictator or as a democratic leader. If they dictate rudely using religion as an excuse to dictate with negative impact or I f they listen to the public while balancing the religion too. It is purely how they run it. Some people may not participate in that certain religion but still want to live in that country there maybe political pressure and the atmosphere of the religion around you. Some people have their own religion too so there isn’t much free choice. People who do belong to the religion would agree with many of the decisions as it is based upon what they believe in.
*Theocracy is very conman in the middle Eastern countries!

Countries in a Theocracy:
Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Pakistian, Malaysia, and Mauritania are Islamic theocracies. The Vatican City is the only Christian theocracy
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