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Emergency Medicine, Heaven or Hell?

No description

Mohammad Zaher

on 12 September 2018

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Transcript of Emergency Medicine, Heaven or Hell?

Thank you for your attention!
‘‘I slept and dreamt life was a joy. I awoke and found that life
was a service. I acted and behold, service was a joy.’’
Heaven or Hell?
You're more than welcome to Give the ED a Visit and see for yourself!
Emergency Medicine
What Are My Duties?
Who is My Population?
Heaven Or Hell?
American College of Emergency Physicians
You are one of the hospital's 2 First Lines!
Medical, Surgical, Psychiatric!
Emergency Medicine
"Emergency medicine is the medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of unforeseen illness or injury.

The practice of emergency medicine includes the initial evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and disposition of any patient requiring expeditious medical, surgical, or psychiatric care.

Emergency medicine may be practiced in a hospital-based or freestanding emergency department (ED), in an urgent care clinic, in an emergency medical response vehicle or at a disaster site."
8-Hour Shifts (Morning/Afternoon/Night)
Start with 18Shifts/Month, Go Down to 12-14
How is My Schedule Gonna be?
Social Life will Change
Sleeping Patterns will Change
Wait.. Shifts?
You Will Work A LOT!
But the More you Advance, the Less Procedures You do.
But I Like to Work With My Hands!
Finish the 4-Year Program and You are Automatically an Assistant Consultant
Get a Fellowship (As Short as 1 Year) and You are a Full Consultant
I wanna Be a Consultant!
Paediatric Emerg Med
Critical Care Medicine
Disaster Medicine
Pre-Hospital (EMS)
International Medicine
Sports Medicine
Geriatric Emerg Med
“A state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by long term involvement in situations that are emotionally demanding.”
But People still like Emergency Medicine
That's Scary!
The Local Emergency Medicine Program is Very Good
(Rated 3rd best Residency Program in KSA)
The local Program is getting more and more competitive, but still not hard to get into.
Getting an ER Residency In a respected place abroad is Very Competitive (But not impossible)
Where Can I Train?
Good, Not Outstanding Though..

Resident: 17000-21000SR/Month
1000SR per Extra/Private Shift

Consultant: 25000-50000SR/Month
2500-3500SR Per Extra/Private Shift

The Real Deal Is GCC Countries
How's The Money?
Cons: You Initiate the Treatment and Others Complete it
Pros: No Patient Followup
Cons: Too Much Knowledge To Cover
You're Not Focused
Pros: You Know Something About Everything
Usually Devided between:
The Critical Care Area (Most Urgent)
The Acute Care Area (Less Urgent)
No More waking up at 6 am
No Routine
Very Flexible Schedule
Make Your Own Vacations
But I Like to Think With My Head!
You Will Think A LOT!
And the More you Advance, the More Thinking You do.
Hyperbaric Medicine
Flight Medicine
Cruise Ship Medicine
Environmental Medicine
Wilderness Medicine
Injury Control
Clinical/Forensic Medicine
Medical Education
Administrative Medicine
But I Hear it's Stressful!
At rare times it is, very very much.
Most of the time it's not.
Stress Gets To some People Causing What's Known As..
"High anxiety caused by concern for bad outcomes was the strongest predictor of burnout."

Ann Emerg Med. 2009;54:106-113.
"Burnout was more prevalent in Emergency Medicine (51.5%) than other specialities (42.4%)"

Emerg Med J 2011;28:397e410.
"65.2% of emergency physicians reported high career satisfaction, whereas 12.7% of emergency physicians reported low career satisfaction.

The majority of respondents (77.4% in 1994, 80.6% in 1999, 77.4% in 2004) stated that emergency medicine has met or exceeded their career expectations.

Despite overall high levels of career satisfaction, one third of respondents reported that burnout was a significant problem."

Ann Emerg Med. 2008;51:714-722.

"Despite exhibiting emotional exhaustion, the majority of respondents are satisfied with the career of emergency medicine."

Ann Emerg Med. 2009;54:106-113.
What about the Drug Addict-Angry-Violent Man who Will Beat me to death?
"Most of the ACEP female physicians surveyed were satisfied with their career choice of emergency medicine. Opportunities for career advancement, fairness in financial compensation, and schedule flexibility were key factors in career satisfaction among female emergency physicians."

Ann Emerg Med. 2008;51:723-728.
But I'm A Lady wo kitha?
5- I hate waking up Early
4- I hate rounds, pagers, and patient Follow-up
3- I can Practice my speciality Anywhere
2- I can help my family and friends more than many others
(Other specialities' worst nightmare is my everyday work)
Why Do I like it?
(Only about 100 Certified Saudi EM Physicians)
Can I Be a Pioneer?
Can I Be Famous?
People still Think ED Physicians are General Practitioners or Doctors who did not complete their education.

So.. For the time being, No one will remember your name.
All Lies, Physical Violence happens much less than you think, just be nice to people..
Mohammad Zaher dr.maz@hotmail.com
Mohammad Zaher
Initiate Treatment!
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