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Mrs.Lubans 2012 class

about are class

autumn p

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Mrs.Lubans 2012 class

By: Rory MacGeorge and Autumn Post Mrs.Lubans class Halle favorites
color: purple
food: java cakes
animal: kiwi bird Ella favorites color: orange
food: sweet potatoes
animal: zebra Geena color: red
food: pizza
animal: cat Emma.b color: pink
food: stirfry
animal: monkey brianna color: pink
food: spaghetti
animal: corals Ryan.c color: pink
food: ribs
animal: cobra Bennet color: red
food: steak
animal: bear Tana color: brown
food: brownie
animal: dung beetle Emily color; red
food: pizza
animal: humming
bird Brendan color: red
animal: big foot Owen color: green
food: pizza
animal: tiger Nick color: blue
food: pizza
animal: hippo Aimee color: pink
food: pizza
animal:cat Rory color: neon green
food: tacos
animal: wolf Taylor color: dark purple
food: cheese burger
animal: giant panda Jazmyne color: green
food: steak
animal: dog Autumn color: blue
food: spaghetti
animal:grey wolf Justin color: blue
food: pizza
animal: koala Ryan.P color: red
food: pizza
animal: dog Codey color: green
food: velvita cheese
animal: armadillo Tori color: blue
food: mcdonalds
animal: dog Ryley color: red
animal: cheetah Johnny color: blue
food: mac-n-cheese
animal:shark color: red/purple
food: stirfry
animal: giraffe Gwen Luban Tyler color: green
animal: farrot respectful responsible ready to learn our class is on a roll !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go ALLENDALE Falcons !!! Emma.R color:purple
food: buttery and saulty popcorn
animal: husky Rece Color: Blue Food: Pizza Animal: Tiger
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