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Serial Killers!

No description

Angela C

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Serial Killers!

Did you know:

More than 60 percent of serial killers wet the bed beyond the age of 12 as a result of nervousness and insecurity
Christian, Sufiyan, Angela, Secilia
Observational learning
Thursday, June 12, 2014
There is no DNA that contributes to the genetic blueprint of a serial killer, rather, the environmental factors contribute to the nurturing of one.
1.What is a serial killer?
2.What is one way that culture can "make" someone become a serial killer?
3.What is the XYY syndrome? Does it relate to violence?
4.Who impacted Robert Pickton the most during childhood?
5.What are some sociological reasons for serial killers to begin killing?
6.Who was Ted Kaczynski?
Serial Killers!
Religious cults
In some cults, human sacrifice and cannibalism is a part of the process of initiation and religious rituals, this requires members of the cult to continuously kill multiples of people earning them the name "serial killers"
Steven Tari is a cult leader, he has many subjects who willingly sacrifice themselves. Steven claims these gruesome acts as his religious duties/rights.
(Nelson, n.d., Body section, para2)
In essence, these actions are the
of his cult; similar to the norms,rites of passage, in the Masai culture.
These religious beliefs/traditions were taught to him, growing up he was told this was the correct thing to do.
He was inspired to start a race war after reading Hitler's Mein Kampf.
Joseph was born and raised in Alabama, a very racist state in the U.S.
He only targeted against the Jews and Blacks
This demonstrates
, Joseph looked down upon other cultures and feels superior. The hate was not innately born, but instilled in his brain overtime.
There is no legal right to possess arms
Automatic weapons are prohibited
Takes up to 60 days to buy one gun
Gun owners must purchase a license, requires third party references, safety training course and background check for mental, criminal and addiction history
The spouse must be advised

(Hickey, n.d., Body section, para 1-4)
Extra Chromosome
An extra Y (male) chromosome is explained as the cause of violence. Serial killer Richard Speck used this as his defense in court, stating he had XYY genetic makeup
(Scott, n.d., Body section, para3)

Heavy Metals
Research shows that violent offenders have a higher level of toxic metals in their body, such as Manganese. These excessive amounts contribute to aggressive behaviours
(Scott, n.d., Body section, para4)

The tests Robert Speck underwent proved the chromosome explanation wrong. His condition is simply known as the XYY syndrome, which has no effect on their mental/sexual development. There is no evidence linking X or Y chromosomes to serial killers.
When there is an excessive amount of Mn present in one's body, the level of dopamine decreases, which then leads to Parkinson's disease. This disease affects motor skills.
Cultural upbringings affect the mentalities and morals of an individual
The development of a child's brain can be distorted when their learning process is disturbed during their childhood.
During childhood, their learning is impacted by what they see around them. This is really important, because it shapes their future behaviors.
Serial killers who are born psychopaths are more likely to act as social deviants and are neglected by society because of their differences.
Most serial killers were not raised properly
as a result of a dysfunctional family
Serial killers: Repeat murderers with more than two victims.
In conclusion, this thesis has been partially proven because evidence validated both sides. Although many are born with tendencies of a serial killer, many others are influenced through their culture, family, and surroundings as well.
The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics defines a serial killing as: "[involving] the killing of several victims in three or more separate events."
Christian, Sufiyan, Secilia, Angela
Are serial killers naturally born that way? Or are they raised to become callous criminals?
Serial killers are not necessarily psychopaths who seek enjoyment and thrill in their killings, many are non-psychopathic who have definitive motives.
Not all serial killers are white males living in America. Females and males of all ages and races have been revealed as serial killers.

Jones, n.d., Body section, para2-5)
The damaged pre-frontal cortex affects serial killer's motivations since they can't tell

Damage to the amygdala could lead to an individual towards a psychopathic behavior due to the inability of feeling emotions.

Although these may be true, it is very ignorant to categorize every serial killer like this, especially if there is evidence that serial killers are nurtured.
Robert Pickton is a prime example, whose future decisions were based on what he experienced during his childhood.
Theory of the mind
Freud's theory of the mind includes the id ego and superego which tend to motivate humans according to him.

Although this may be true, all 3 aspects develop during a certain time

Id at birth, Ego during childhood, Superego is last to develop.

Robert Pickton had a terrible childhood, where his development of the mind may have been disrupted due to his abnormal childhood.
Willie Pickton, it is claimed, actually recounted this story in later years: How his mom drove to the spot where the injured boy lay, checked him over, then leaned down to push and roll the youth into a ditch, some 10 feet distant. Then she went back home.
(DiManno, 2007, Toronto Star, 5)
Kill him, It will be fun
Maybe I should kill him, It's not like anyone will know
In the end, an adult doesn't become a serial killer right away. It starts all the way back in the serial killer's childhood, where we can see the events that lead him/her to become a serial killer. Their childhood can explain their motivations and what lead them to do these horrendous acts later on in life.
Most serial killers were great scholars but were socially disturbed from the absence of their parent(s)

An example of this is Ted Kaczynski, because like most serial killers, he grew up without a father (suicide)
Some serial killers don’t only murder to kill, but also for self-benefit.

Harold Shipman is a perfect example of this. He grew up in a family with an abusive mother. He was a physician, he would forge his patients' wills to grant their money to him, he would then kill them and then pronounce their death as a result of “old age” to cover it up.

His abusive mother is the most believed reason that his victims were female, because the abuse his mother inflicted on him imposed a hatred on women who resemble his mother.
Due to the lack of a fatherly figure in
Ted's life, it impacted his decision because there was no one to teach him the ethical ways of society.
Parental Absence
Financial troubles
A dysfunctional family can also be financially disadvantaged.

Carl Panzram is an example of this, after his father left his family struggled to make ends meet, and he soon began a life of theft, deviancy, and later violence and arson.
Because Carl Panzram's family was poor,
he was constanty bullied in pubic, school,
and later a reform school. His fist few murders were the people who bullied him.
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