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Slow Food Austin

No description

Hamilton White

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Slow Food Austin

A Comprehensive Communication Plan by Ashley Underwood

Hamilton White

Victoria Rogers

Lisa Messelt Executive Summary "Rome was not built in a day"
A few specific changes will help SFA acheive objectives
Static Media and SFA are a perfect fit
Entire campaign is founded upon intensive research Company Evaluation Competition Austin SWOT SFA is: -> Young
-> Volunteer Based
-> Educational Mission
-> Social Component Sustainable Food Center
Edible Austin
Green Corn Project
Foodways Texas Modern day Boomtown
Green City
Very Health conscious
Foodie Heaven Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Strengths Global Community
Great Brand Personality
Perfect Marketing Environment
Solid relationships w/in industry Large Levels of interest
Connections w/ key influencers
Untapped markets
Partnerships Small volunteer base
Limited funds
Lack of Brand Presence
Low current awareness
Limited ability to make money Target Markets Environmentally Conscious Mothers Austin Foodies Concerned with food's origin and contents
60% of moms say they pay attention to whats in their food for the sake of their children
Cook for their family more often than they eat out or entertain Massive Presence in Austin
Led by figures such as Jodi Bart and Addie Broyles
Organized by the Austin Food Blogger's Alliance
Highly aware of sustainability issues, not necessarily aware of SFA
Influencers! Marketing Recommendations Objectives -> Strategy -> Raise awareness among target by 25%
Differentiate SFA from competition
Make SFA workload more manageable
Increase Brand Presence through merchandise 1) Food Blogger Dinner

2) Interns

3) Sell Merchandise on website Slow Sessions Event objective -> Event changes -> Maintain average attendance of 20-30 people and up to 50 1) Change the night

2) Change the Location

3) Make it Family-friendly Slow Session Advertising and Media Recommendations Facebook -> Google AdWords -> Flighted Campaign
11 ads - $100 each
Each ad runs for 1 week
Cost per Click basis
Total Expenditure: $1130 Continuous campaign
Specific words purchased
Runs from August 2011-August 2012
Cost per Click basis
Total Expenditure: $939 Slow Session Advertising and Media Recommendations Free Memberships -> Bumper Decals -> 12 free memberships given out to contest winners
Total Expenditure: $300 Austin is 7th in Nation in time spent on the road
1000 bumper decals to be sold and given out to each new member and slow session attendee
Total Media expenditure: $300 Quiz Bowl Advertising and Media Recommendations Specific Target -> Highball fans 7000 Facebook likes, 4500 Twitter Followers
Extremely involved, very loyal fans Facebook -> Pulsed Campaign
5 ads - $200 each
Each runs for one week
Scattered throughout July and August
Cost per Click basis
Total Expenditure: $1000 Total Expenditure: $500 Public Relations Recommendations Evaluation Budget Online Media is incredibly measurable

Tracks every penny you spend and shows its effect ->Traditional framework
->The "Influencers"
Food bloggers
Food writers
Local television media ->Email pitches and press releases

->Social Media (viral efforts)
->It's all about the timing Public Relations Recommendations Objectives -> Building awareness and membership
Increasing volunteer base and involvement
Increasing attendance at Slow Sessions
Drive attendance to Quiz Bowl Quiz Bowl Public Relations Recommendations Media summaries 1) Drive as many qualified people as possible to the event

2) From those, acquire as many new contacts as possible

3) Nurture those new contacts with email/social media updates to get them to make a conversion Google Alerts

Attendance Measurement
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