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schindler's list

No description

mariana ordoñez

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of schindler's list

Schindler's list
chapters 11-12

Oskar Schinder: The protagonist
Emilie Schindler: Oskar's wife
Amon Goeth: It was an Austrian SS officer and commander of Plaszow concentration camp
Himmler: He was the commander in chief of the Schutzstaffe
Itzhak Stern: was an industrial Polish Jew , accounting Oskar Schindler:
Hellen Hirsch: Amon employee
Leopold Pfefferberg: It was a Polish -American Holocaust survivor, who inspired the Australian writer Thomas Keneally to write the award-winning novel Schindler's Ark

Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Liepold commander and the commander Hassebroeck were assigned to field Brinnlitz where Oskar Schindler 's factory was located in Czechoslovakia .

In Krakow the factory produced tools and weapons of good quality but not presented in Brinnlitz this and had a bad reputation among the ministry of arms and DEF as the bullets were not the right size for the weapons used in the war. Schindler was glad that their bullets will not work because he did not want to help the Nazis


Oscar told the men who would meet with women in Plazow . What we did not know was that they would be taken to Auschwitz Birkenou a field of women.

In the fields they separated the weak from the strong examining them daily and also separating them by age. The elderly and the weak were taken to the gas chambers or had overcrowding took them all unsorted.

Shindler personally took charge of rescue women ; girls do not want to let go but he said were essential workers. The children were taken away for medical experiments at Auschwitz

Before leaving on the train to Brinnlitz women they watched as their children in the other car and soldiers allowed to talk to them and read letters from their husbands. Then they came to the factory Oskar and he said he would take care of the health and food of them that the SS guards could rest .
Women get very sick as they had cut their hair was very difficult to identify . The sickest , set them in the basement where they were not in sight of the SS guards as if they discovered they had typhoid fever then lead to a field to let them die .

Liepold and COMMANDANT Hassebroeck commandant complained about the good treatment OSKAR gave to the Jews and wrote to Berlin. Oskar noticed and invited his old Nazi friends to give them good drinks and great dinners for them to give their report to the high command of BERLIN . Oskar hated but was an excellent actor to benefit and protect workers.

Some men commented that when the factory of Auschwitz in January 1945 closed , 120 men were introduced within 2 wagons without food and as they scraped the ice walls to get enough water to survive . The train stopped in other fields and always kept its doors closed and the officers did not know what to do if housing or kill him .

Finally abandoned cars in the yard of the railway Zwittau they informed shindler of tears and strange noises inside the car and he went to rescue them and took them to Brinnlizt survivors, as when he came to the place he found dead , frozen and others dying.

His friends thought he was crazy to defend the Jews
About winter 1944-45 3000 sent more women to the fields and subfields in Czechoslovakia. In factories where workers needed . In rural factories they had a chance to escape death to the great courses in the summer of 1945 .
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