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Basketball Skills

No description

Ethan Karpathy

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Basketball Skills

Basketball Skills
Ethan Karpathy

Coaching Points
3 Point Shots
This can be done by yourself
It is ULTRA easy but can be helpful for shot judgment.
1) Stand at one of these 5 points, take a shot

(optional) 2) Take a run up then shot from that spot
Lay Up drill with team
1) Set up two rows as even as possible on point D and B
2) Point B will have the ball
3) Have a person run up without a ball at the same time that the person on B runs with a ball
4) Person from B with ball tries to lay up, then runs to back of line D
5) Person from D passes ball, to person at the front of B then lines up at B
6) Continue steps 1-6/

Open Skills
. Dribbling
. Shooting
. Lay up
. Passing

. Free Throw
. Jump ball
. Catching
We do this to improve out layup skills.
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