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Johannes Vermeer

No description

Kaegan Cowan

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Johannes Vermeer

Girl With a Pearl Earring-1665
My Opinion
I think Johannes Vermeer does an outstanding job capturing scenes of 17th century life. His art is realistic and most of it seems to communicate a normal or happy mood. His art does a good job of using the elements of design to show a subject.
Venn Diagram
Artist Information
Johannes Vermeer was born October 31, 1632 in Delft, Netherlands.
His father was an art dealer and Vermeer took over when his father died.
He died December 15, 1675.
His art, painted in the Baroque movement, was quite unrecognized during his time but became popular for their realism when the photograph was invented.

The Art of Painting-1666/1667
Johannes Vermeer

This artwork has an obvious subject:
the girl. She is brighter than the black
background, and she looks very realistic.
I feel happy when I see this painting
because the girl is bright and smiling.
Vermeer used space in this painting; the
girl is positive space and the background is
negative space.
This painting shows a girl posing
for an artist, who is believed to be
Vermeer himself. Again, Vermeer
made the girl brighter than the rest
of the painting, and the room is
very detailed as well. I feel relaxed
looking at this painting because
the painting room looks quiet.
Girl with a Pearl Earring
The Art of Painting
One person
Dark, undetailed background
Girl has open eyes
Brown clothing
Subject is a girl
Very realistic
Gold and light blue are used
Vermeer uses lighting to identify the subject
Two people
Very detailed surroundings
Girl's eyes seem to be closed/looking down
Girl is wearing a blue dress
By Kaegan Cowan
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