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Tiffany Wilson

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Montessori

Coach Children
to Learn about Learning Assess their own learning
Coaching sessions
Reference materials
Learn from friends
Children experience the excitement of learning by their own choice Bring Yourself to the
Teaching and
Learning Process Montessori education addresses the whole child: his physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

Skilled Observer
Creative Facilitator
Character Builder Multiple materials
Natural world
Deeper learning
Use their bodies Small Group Activity Bring Yourself
to the Teaching and
Learning Process
VIDEO Enhance the
Curriculum with Materials Oldest Invite Activity Invite Discovery Ingenious Appealingly Designed Grow with the Child Create a Nourishing
Classroom Culture Focus on Relationships
not Rules Give Children Ownership
of Routines and Schedules Help Children See Themselves as Learners Coach Children to Develop Negotiation and Collaboration Skills wood, metal , wicker, fabric, plastic, natural materials treat the materials like gold 1 skill at a time
a guide (teacher) never corrects work
real objects for abstract ideas Parents are expected to become involved in child's development
Regular contact with guide (teacher) is vital
The family atmosphere of a Montessori classroom leads many parents to share their time and talents with the school environment The Montessori guide develops a sense of each child's uniqueness by developing a relationship over a period of years
Montessori educators serve as facilitators, mentors, coaches, and guides
Children are encouraged to learn from each other rather than be dependent on their guide
It is a confidence boost for the older child to help the younger child Students work to complete assignments at their own pace
Students constantly share their interests and discoveries with each other
Montessori children are free to move about working alone, or with others at will
The goal of freedom and exploration is to help the child fall in love with the process of focusing his complete attention on something and solving it with enthusiasm Each child is treated as a unique and individual learner
Montessori educators keep asking the right questions to lead children to discover the answers for themselves
Each success fuels a desire to learn even more Montessori guides have four principal goals: To awaken the child's curiosity, imagination, and love of learning
To encourage the child's normal desire for independence and self esteem
To help the child develop the kindness, courtesy, and self discipline that will allow him to become a full member of society
To help the child learn how to observe, question, and explore ideas independently lessons come from guides, materials themselves or other children
never teach the children the answers
the Montessori environment offers the tools to discover the answers to their own questions Five Minute Reflection moving and leaning are inseparable
explore with 5 senses Montessori materials are designed to follow the students throughout their education; they are like familiar faces greeting them in their new classrooms as they advance. Keep Children
Connected to families Dig Deeper to Learn with Children Montessori
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