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A bullseye of a sport!

Aashna Shawna

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Archery

Archery A bulls-eye of a sport! Making it to Pros Further Your Insight Is Archery Dependent on Media? History of Archery To arch, or not to arch? Beta Blockers Nutrition Technological Influences Personal Fitness and Training Training Principles Articles Energy System Where to Start? Anatomy ATP-PC / Anaerobic Alactic Archery Exercise of the Week by Randy from Archery Academy Need to build power to release a far arrow
Diet must be high in calories, specifically those coming from carbs, then proteins, and lastly fats (but only polyunsaturated is desirable)
3:1 carbs to protein ratio
Maintain a diet that follows Canada's Food Guide RDIs to be generally healthy
8-10 glasses of water a day! Sights Lowers heart rates, increases concentration and helps archer shoot more accurately
Also used by comedians, musicians and students Archery is a complex sport that depends on concentration and focus as much as physical prowess
It is a skill that has been passed down for thousands of years
While participation levels are low, entertainment has proven that we have an innate fascination with archery What is "The act of propelling arrows with the use of a bow"
Used to be used for warfare and hunting
Today it is a popular sport practiced worldwide, because the use of it was so historically universal Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Flexes fingers for gripping and pulling bow string
Used to get a control of and release arrows
While it may seem insignificant, digitorum superficialis are VITAL for performing archery and do, in fact, tire out after too much practice! Triceps Brachii Extends arm for holding bow in place
Used to get in proper position to shoot an arrow
Imagine extending arm out and holding a weight for as long as you can!
In this sense, archery is not just about aiming and pulling back far enough. It's about holding your stance perfectly. Caution -- Rotator Cuff Tendonitis! Rotator cuff:
Teres minor
Subscapularis Tendonitis: Irritating tendons from overuse
Archers overuse the rotator cuff when they shoot arrows for an extended amount of time without breaks
Tendons inflame and cause pain
The pain is most sharp when the shoulder is moved, but eventually it becomes constant R: Rest
I: Ice
C: Compression
E: Elevate Painkillers and prescription anti-inflammatories for serious cases and physiotherapy in most severe cases Archers should take regular breaks to let their rotator cuff muscles relax before being overworked, or alternate exercises Shooting a bow requires a short, fast burst of energy
Type IIB muscles contract in 50 milliseconds with the highest possible amount of force Anaerobic training Changes the composition of muscle to produce more fast-twitch muscle fibres
Lots of resistance training, must have a background in aerobic training, always start and finish with warm-up and cool-down.
5:1 rest to work ratio An Advanced Archery Training Program by Annette Musta from Archery Focus Cardio and muscular fitness are important in archery
Balance both with proper scheduling and periodization
Steploading to invoke progress
Alternate between sustained rate, intensity burst, rest Wall Push Up for Muscle Strength
8 reps, 1 set Stand with feel flat on floor and arms perpendicular to you with hands flat against wall. Slowly lean towards wall, like a push up. Wait until arms are at 90 degrees, then push back to original stance. Targets: Pectorialis major and Triceps
Synergists: Deltoids
Fixators: Rectus and transverse abdominus, external obliques and erector spinae Rowing Exercise for Muscular Endurance and Strength
8-10 reps, 2 sets, break in between Place a metre-long rubber band under your feet to keep it in place. Hold one end of the band in either hand, and pull your hands back to your waist. Hold for five seconds, and then slowly extend arms again. Targets: rotator cuff muscles, biceps in upper arms, rhomboids
Fixators: erector spinae, hamstrings Arrows Slow Motion Cameras Analyse posture, balance and body movement to identify optimum starting position Blocks transmission between the brain and the heart, makes it more difficult for flight-or-flight reaction Blocks B2-adrenoceptors, which break down glycogen...low blood glucose, hypoglycemia
Weight gain because it alters metabolism
Cannot do aerobic exercise
When athlete goes off the drug, strong signals remain, high blood pressure and extreme stress on heart
Detected through urine and blood tests
Toxic if overdosed Stone Age Bronze and Iron Age Ancient Greece and Rome Middle Ages 1700s 1900 1927 1931 1972 Participation 18 official clubs, 291 junior athletes, 74 coaches in Canada
926 000 archers in USA
50% of archers also camp
Archery levels expected to go up with all of the sudden media attention
USA Archery wrote a thank-you letter to Suzanne Collins ...Always choose arch.
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