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No description

John Carey

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of 2014

New Website Features

Launch of new website platform with Hybris – planned launch date – May 2014 - Mobile Optimised

Beginning of Investment of €950k in new platform over 5 years

20% increase in visitors and 65% growth in sales in the first year

Present the IRFU brand in a professional and cutting edge way

Plans/Aims for 2014

Key benefits to Elverys and IRFU of new Hybris platform:

Working on one of the top 4 e-commerce platforms in the world

Customer personalisation - you see the site you want to see (e.g. Ireland fan living in Ireland, living abroad...)

Control to easily add store fronts/pop-up shops

A design that focuses on the customer - creating an environment that encourages sales and reduces drop off rates

Multi-currency / multi language

Interactive features such as apps and lookbooks will be integrated into the site
Hybris - Benefits

Examples of other companies using Hybris:



Lookbook application
Increased use of video
Interactive Apps on Homepage
New platform

New proposal including the marketing plan
Ted Baker
Web Team 2013
Elverys will have a dedicated SEO copywriter working closely with both marketing/communication teams. (Last year 30% of traffic to the IRFU web shop site was from search)

New Proposed Agreement (a)
To manage IRFU site within new Elverys.ie platform and act as master licensee:

€60k fixed fee

10% royalty on Ireland Rugby sales from IRFU referrals (approx. €100k)

15% royalty on total sales of licensed product (approx. €150k)

= €92.5k

New Proposed Agreement (b)
To manage IRFU stand-alone site and act as master licensee:

Royalty 12% of sales online (€200k)

+ 2% of Ireland Rugby sales in-store (€2m)

= €64k

Click and Collect functionality

Develop jointly a new Supporters ‘pack’ and retail in-store and online

10% off all purchases in-store and online to supporters club members (until we have a loyalty programme, which will allow us to offer members much more)

Master licensee and improved range of merchandise

Other Benefits/Opportunities
IRFU Product Range
Marketing Plan
Marketing Support Budget €30-50k

In-store activation: events, windows, etc

Official Launch

Ongoing promotion: Newsletters, Social Media, homepage banners, etc


1) Create awareness and drive traffic
2) Incentivise conversion.

Key messages:

1) Biggest range
2) The official web shop
3) Re-invest in grass roots

Official Launch
To generate excitement and build awareness, produce a viral video featuring ambassadors (players/former players) acting as staff fulfilling orders/deliveries to customers’ homes.

Promote viral video

Videology (various players, you tube channels and other sites)


Partner with JOE.ie or similar

1.75m unique visitors per year – 25% of which are international

Launch Media Plan
DM and/or e-shot to all subscribers and clubs with a request to share the announcement and promote digitally

Launch with a promotion 20% off your first order


Objective: To provide ongoing reasons for people to visit the site
Improved homepage presence

IRFU to use facebook and twitter pages to promote web shop activity

Newsletter banners or dedicated, bespoke e-shots to the database with targeted promotions e.g.

Refer a friend

% off your next purchase

Advertising on the screen throughout the year

Advertising in match programmes throughout the year

1) Main goal = Build awareness

Photo Competition: Send us your favourite photo featuring an old/vintage (official) rugby jersey and win! The best entry wins

Entry via Facebook

Promote digitally or media partner

Prize tbc

Engaging Competition
Tell us about how the rugby coach/player/other who has been a positive influence for you. Best story wins…

How much does Irish Rugby mean to you/your life? Tell us your story. Best story wins....

Invite Clubs to set a record ... most members in club jersey/colours in a photo wins.....

Alternative Competition Mechanics
A book of short stories

A calendar or coffee-table book of photographs

For sale exclusively on web shop

Competition Entries will go on to...
2) Main goal = Increase conversion

Entry with purchase.

20 pairs of tickets to be won

Everyone’s a winner - €15 off your next purchase

Advertise and promote online

Launch in May with a Design Competition - design a training jersey for the world cup in conjunction with Canterbury (App)
Feature new/topical product every month x 10

Other Key Times
Other Key Times
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