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Whovian Subculture

An analysis of the Doctor Who fandom.

Annaleigh Gedney

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Whovian Subculture

(fans of
Doctor Who

by Annaleigh Gedney
The Show
Who is the Doctor?
900+ years old
2 hearts
Sonic screwdriver
Human female companion-humanity
Defeats monsters and aliens
Defends the innocent, both alien and human
4th Doctor
the 10th Doctor
the 11th Doctor
the 12th Doctor
The Companions
Sarah Jane Smith
Rose Tyler
Donna Noble
Amelia Pond
Clara Oswald
Some Monster and Aliens
Who Are the Whovians?
Aired - 1963
Kids Show-Science and History
Avg. 8 million viewers per episode
Cancelled - 1989
Returned - 2005
Seen around the world
The Doctor
What Whovians do?
Go to conventions
Join clubs
Basically just watch the show
Write fanzines
Open minded
Intellectually curious
Enjoy adventure
Attention to detail
Morally upright
Adventure and wonder
No boundaries-Regeneration
"Wibbly wobbly time-y wimey"
Doctor Who
became a culture touchstone, something to watch Sunday so you could discuss it with your friends Monday" (Slayton).
Anyone who is enthusiastic about
Doctor Who
Any age
So, a whovian could pretty much be anyone
A Few Famous Whovians...
Craig Ferguson
Queen Elizabeth II
Steven Spielberg
Matt Groening
So What and Why Does it Matter?
Doctor Who is becoming more popular in America
Normal/cool to watch it
Change the way people think
Breaking stereotypes and labels
Good morals and lessons
"Bowties are cool." -The Doctor
Whovians in America v. England
Less known
Cult show
Since 2011, 3 episodes have taken place in the U.S.
Becoming more popular/normal
More known
Everyone watches it

"In 900 years of time and space, I've never met anyone who wasn't important" -The Doctor
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