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A Dark Brown Dog

No description

Jeniffer Medina

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of A Dark Brown Dog

A Dark Brown Dog
By: Stephen Crane
Born on November 1st, 1871 in Newark, NJ.
Born six years after the war ended
Well known for short stories, poems, novels, essays
Was a war reporter
He traveled to different countries and focusing his stories on war
Stephen Crane
Main Character
The dark brown dog is the main character of the story and comes to be the victim as well.
The family does not want to keep the dog.After the parents argue they come to the conclusion to keep the dog. Yet. when the child was not around the dog, the dog was constantly physically abused by the members of the house. The dog would see the child as his protector even though the boy would also beat him.
The father was the main one in the house who did not agree for the dog to stay, so he was the one who would physically abuse the dog.

When the boy brings in the dark brown dog in the family, they were all in denial of letting him stay.
Family would constantly beat the dog.
Dog could not trust any one in the house.

"The dog was praying at the time."

"The dog lay down and prayed until the child had finished, and resumed his journey."
Throughout the story the dog is being abused by all those in the house. Until the father who one day was under the influence of alcohol, not knowing what he was doing, he threw the dog out the window. The dog did not survive falling from five stories high.
The story of A dark brown dog introduces a dog that is being abused by those in his new home. Due to the fact that this story is based on event that happened after the Civil War, there will be symbolism within the characters and actions. One day the dog was wondering around the streets with a rope hanging from his neck. As he was walking he came across a young little boy. The boy had sympathy for the dog, calling him over the dog wiggled his tale in response. After the boy had patted the dog, the boy tried to let go and leave but the dog walked by the boy's side. As the young boy saw how the dog would not leave he immediately struck the dog in the head. The dog felt as if he had done something wrong and he then positioned his body in a way as if he was bowing down to the boy, in an apologetic manner. The young boy then starts walking to his house and the dog still followed. As they walked home the boy beat the dog with a stick. Once they reach the boy's house the boy patted the dog and decided to keep him then carried the dog inside. The boy’s parents were not content with the dark brown dog in their house. They argued until they came to an agreement that the dog could stay in the house. However, things start to change for the dog. He was being constantly beaten by the members of the house with various objects. The boy and the dog had a good relationship. Yet, when the boy wasn’t with the dog, he had no one to protect him from being beaten. The boy would also beat the dog when he was aggravated by it. It was all until one day the boy was unable to prevent the tragedy of the dark brown dog that was caused by the boy's drunken dad.

Supporting Characters

The child who was the owner of the dog
The father who was the abuser of the dog
As the story starts it takes place in the street where the boy and the dark brown dog first encounter.
The story takes place in the house of the young boy.
However, the story was written based on the events after the civil war, which was the Jim Crow era. The Jim Crow Era was when slaves were segregated but "equal" . But slaves would still be mistreated by those on non colored people.
The Dark brown dog
Father & Family
The rope hanging from the dogs neck
A slave
"White family"
Being free from slavery
"But the father was in a mood for having fun, and it occurred to him that it would be a fine thing to throw the dog out of the window. So he reached down and grabbing the animal by a leg, lifted him, squirming, up. He swung him two or three times hilariously about his head, and then flung him with great accuracy through the window."

External Conflict
Father vs Dog
Internal Conflict
Dog vs Himself
A story based on real life events how slaves were treated after the Civil War (Jim Crow Era)
"After a time, a little dark-brown dog came trotting with an intent air down the sidewalk. A short rope was dragging from his neck. Occasionally he trod upon the end of it and stumbled."

"When the child's family appeared, they made a great row. The dog was examined and commented upon and called names. Scorn was leveled at him from all eyes, so that he became much embarrassed and drooped like a scorched plant. "
Throughout the story it is mentioned that the dog is "praying" but it is ironic for a dog to pray. He bows down his head in an apologetic manner just like a slave would have done.
The dog suffered every day living in that house. With all the beating done to him, it was expected for something tragic to happen to the dog.

Work Cited
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This particular story is based on the events after the Civil war. Better know as Jim Crow ( When African Americans were separate but "equal")
Crane died at age 28
The young boy takes the dog to his house.
Rising Action
The family argues about keeping the dog. They decide to keep the dog. But they mistreat the dog. When the little boy is not with the dog, he is unable to protect him from being physically abused.
The drunk father decided to have "fun" with the dog and throw him out the window.
Falling Action
The dog falls from the fifth floor and everyone runs down to see if he was still alive.
The dark brown dog doesn't survive
By: Jeniffer Medina Reading 125
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