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No description

Eliza Sabou

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Music

Do you know?...
...something new...

In 2007 ,Rihanna had a big succes with "Umbrella".However, first, song was for Britney Spears but she refused that song and for Mary J Blige and she did the same thing.
Tupac Shakur was arrested 8 time before he was 20.
Monaco's orchestrate have much more people than Monaco's army.
Music (from gr mousikē) is the art of combination notes in succession and simultaneos match in an agreeable and estetic form .

Definition of music
"Without music , life would be a mistake."
Friedrich Nietzsche
"People haven't always been there for me but music always has."
Taylor Swift
"If I were not a physicist , I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music .I see my life in terms of music."
Albert Einstein
A music genre is a conventional category that identifies pieces of music as belonging to a shared tradition or set of conventions.

Music genres:
The art/popular/traditional music
The term art music refers primarily to classical traditions, including both contemporary and historical classical music forms.
Art music
The term popular music refers to any musical style accessible to the general public and disseminated by the mass media.
Popular music
Popular music
Traditional music is a modern name for what has been called "folk music", excluding the expansion of the term folk music to include much non-traditional material.
Traditional music
Music has a big influence of people because they listen music everyday , anywhere, when they are happy or sad. Music is part of our life.
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