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Columbia in WW2

No description

jenna scheu

on 14 November 2017

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Transcript of Columbia in WW2

Columbia's involvement in World War 2
By Abigail Kennedy
Columbia Joining The War
Columbia and The US
Columbia let the US to create and use air and naval bases in the country
A Navy training ship.” Colombia - The Establishment of United States Military Ties," Date of access: November 13, 2017, web
5 W's
Involvement in World War 2
World War 2 was the last war that Columbia was involved in
Columbia in WW2
Columbia before: world war 1
For a bit Columbia financed both sides of the war
Mostly Columbia stayed neutral in WW1
Colombia resumed her military ties with the US
The country was run by a conservative government.
Cut political ties with Germany, Italy, and Japan
Declared war on Germany in 1943
Allowed the US to house troops in the country
A Navel Officer from the US was sent to help with defending the ports and with purchasing guns in the country
The country did not fight, but was extremely important strategically
Over 15,000 Colombians served in The War
Columbia took in Jewish refugees before World War 1 started
Gave land and natural resources to the allies during the war
Watched and deported Japanese, German, and Italian people who were citizens of Columbia
Some German and Japanese people were even put on ships that were going to New Orleans
Why I chose this topic?
My Opinion
Discussion Question
Do you think the country of Columbia would be different today if the country actually fought in The War?

Ceaser, Mike. “Colombia in World War II.” Mike's Bogota Blog , Miguel, 7 Dec. 2011, Date of access: November 13, 2017, Web
What Columbia did to certain ethnic groups
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Picture: Eduardo Santos Montejo, Presidente de Colombia 1938-1942.
“Digital image.” Shutterstock. Date of access: November 14, 2017
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