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Middle Ages RECIPE Guide

Trace Dobson

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of P7MA

TRACE's Guide for the middle ages The exact location of Europe is 50 degrees N. 30 degrees E. Environment Europe is in the NorthEastern Hemisphere The climate varies on your location in the middleast is warm and dry the coast is cool and moist
Northern part is unpredictable The main mountain range is the Ural Mtn. The main rivers are the Danube River and the Volga River Religion main religions were Christianity and Islam Culture they have 15 different languages including English Important people charlemagne Charles Martel King Clovis Otto the 1st Gregory the Great William the conquerer King John Saladin preyed in cathedrals some of the most powerful people were involved in the Church sacrifices were part of their daily life all schools taught about gods, all meals were sacred to the gods, and all meat was sacrifised to the gods poor people ate mainly barley poor people grew things to make barley less boring rich people ate mainly bread and they had pork, roast beef, stew, lamb chops, deer, and rabbits with expensive spices Roman art, German art, and Islamic art mixed together in the early middle ages forming their art Northwestern climate is cool and fair Government main government is feudalism divided into many different states two empires: the Eastern Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire kings didn't have very much power some other governments were a monarchy and the republican Economy landworkers were called fiefs they traded a lot people used less money at first trade was greatly disrupted by pirates and Vikings and then trade began to get more secure Crusades increased the amount of trade in the Meditteranean Sea By Trace Dobson
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