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David Parker Ray

No description

Kaity Echterling

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of David Parker Ray

The tapes he played for his victims
He had no previous criminal records
Released Victims
Cindy only weighing 105lbs beat up 200+ lb women
Started at the age of 16, how?
Had a sudden heart attack?


April 6th 1999
Plead guilty
Only served 36 years the rest on parole
39 years old


9 years in prison
David's daughter
Began around 18


David left for work
Victim finds keys, unlocks herself, and escapes
Near by residence calls police
Victims naked, wearing only a metal collar and chain
David and Cindy are pulled over and arrested

Capture and Corrections

Lust Killer
Power and Control
Local Killer
Elephant Butte
Truth or Consequences

Typology of Killer

Partners: Jesse Ray, Roy Yancy, Cindy Hendy
Kept Victims for days torturing them
Played tapes for victims
Called victims, “packages”
4 known vistims:
-Cindy (Not Cindy Hendy)

Nature of Crimes Cont.

Killed 14-60 victims
Preyed on prostitutes and young females
Abducted some victims from Blue Water Saloon
Began killing at age 16 or 17
Lots of pre meditation
First kill was in the 1950’s
Killed white females

Nature of Crimes

No family history of mental disorders
Diagnosed with Paraphilia after arrest
Father possible Sexual Sadist?

Mental Disorder History

Lived in Elephant Butte, New Mexico
Little piece of property on 513 Bass Road
Decent Man
Was also a park ranger at some time

Adulthood Cont.

No physical or speech defects
Graduated with low D’s but got a diploma
No animal torture, fire setting, or bedwetting

Childhood & Adolescence Cont.

Raised by grandfather
Grandmother died, separated from sister
Dad visited, abuse continued
No contact with mother
Handsome teen
Age 14 sadist fantasies began
Problems at school
Abused alcohol and drugs

Childhood & Adolescence Cont.

Born November 6th 1939 in Belen, New Mexico
1st child of 2
Parents married
Shuttled around
No motherly figures
Drunken Dad

Childhood & Adolescence

Killer: David Parker Ray
Nickname: Toy-Box Killer
D.O.B.: November 6th 1939
D.O.D.: May 28th 2002
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Belen, New Mexico
Height and Weight: N/A
Education: Completed High School

Basic Information

By: Kaity Echterling
Criminal Justice

David Parker Ray


Work Cited

Three trials
Sentenced to 224 years in prison on September 30th
May 28th 2002
Lee County Correctional Facility

David Parker Ray

20 years in prison
Released in 2010


Medical and Sadist books
100’s of torture devices
Detailed instructions for the homemade devices
“Never trust a chained captive”

Evidence Found

Method of torture $100,000 sound proof mobile home
Sex Devices used:
-Leg spreaders
-Soldering irons
-Rubber ropes
-Electrical devices
-Cattle Prods
-Other bizarre homemade devices


Obtains pleasure from inflicting pain on others
Oriented with French aristocrat and intellectual: the Marquis de Sade who was obsessed with violent sex
Spent many years in jail
Causes: Unclear
Treatments: Castration(no longer used) and medications
David received no treatments

Sadism and Paraphilia
(Psycho-Sexual Disorder)

No criminal records
No suspicion of any previous crimes
Had no issues with anyone

Arrest History

Divorced four times
Two daughters (Jesse & unknown)
Lived with Jesse and Girlfriend/accomplice Cindy Hendy
Served in the Army
Became a mechanic
Fired from multiple jobs


Military History: US Army
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Place of Arrest: Home
Date of Arrest: March 22nd 1999
Charge(s): Abduction and Sexual Torture
Convictions: Abduction and Sexual Torture
Sentence: 224 Years in Prison
Number of Victims: Anywhere from 14-60
When Killings Began: Possibly Teenage Years (Not Official)
When Killings Ended: March 22nd 1999
Length of Crime Spree: Around 43 years
Current Status: Dead

Basic Information Cont.
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