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Child Beauty Pageants

No description

Maddy Dane

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Child Beauty Pageants

Pageant Moms Try to relive childhood through children
Pressure children to do pageants
Sometimes more competitive than the children by Maddy Dane The Ugly Truth about
Child Beauty Pageants Beauty Pageants Sexualize and Falsify
Little Girls Wear a lot of make-up
Revealing outfits
Forced to look/act like adults
Mimic adult behavior
Beauty equals success in life A Pedophile's
Dream Come True Make-up and revealing clothes
Dance around and do seductive movement
Transforms children into "pedophilic fantasies" "It's Harmless Fun" Promotes self-confidence
Fun, encouraging environment
Increases public speaking skills
Can win scholarships or money Feel ugly and inadequate
Compete for attention
Aggressive behavior
High pressure and stress Poor confidence and Self-Esteem Tankard Reist, Melinda. "Pageants Reeking of Blatant Exploitation."
Overington, Caroline. "Ugly Truth About Beauty Pageants."
O'Neill, Justin. "Should 4-Year-Olds Be Beauty Queens?."
Brooks, Karen. "Pageant Parents Set Ugly Example."
"Child Beauty Pageants 'About Parents Feeling Good, Not Kids'." Sources
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