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Einsteins life

All about albert einsteins life

Marie Chmara

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Einsteins life

Timeline of Alberts youth Alberts' Children 1894 :March 14, 1879 1881 1884 Traveling 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Accomplishments While at the polytechnic school, he had studied Scottish physict James Maxwells' electromagnetic theories, but Einstein studied further more into the subject and discovered something that James Maxwell didn't know. What Einstein discovered is that the speed of light remained constant, at a steady pace. This insight led Einstein to discover the principles of relativity. In 1905, Einstein's so called, "Miracle Year"was when Einstein submitted a few papers on what he discovered. He referred to this as the principles of relativity. Einstein submitted four papers; the photoelectric effect, Brownian motion, special relativity, and the equivalence of matter and energy. Albert didn't realize that he would tip the world of modern physics into the academic world. In his paper on the equivalence of matter and energy, he used the formula, E=mc2 which suggests that tiny particles of matter could be converted into huge bundles of energy, foreshadowing the development of nuclear power. Albert had conversations with his wife about this, but the papers only have credit given to Michele Besso, in developing relativity. At first, like many discoverers, he was ignored and criticized. Then, he was given praise by Max Planck, probably an Albert Einstein from his time. Working in Switzerland At around the time of Mr. Einsteins death, Albert was recomended for a clerks' job at a Swiss patent office, in Bern by his friend, Marc Grossman. After his wedding, he was back at the patent office, filling out applications for an electromagnetic device.
He quickly mastered his job, giving him time to think about the transmission of the electrical signals, and electromechanical synchronization. He was always wondering about this for many years, while in school. After the Move Albert was left in a boarding house in Munich, and was alone and miserable. He further continued his education in Luitpold Gymnasium. When he was older, he used a doctors note to excuse him from school, and he quit.
(A+E Television Networks, LLC, 2012) References

Prezi.com, for presentation
http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resources/560/1 Beauty of Swiss. In Switzerland, he started at a special high school, then after graduating, he started at Swiss Federal. He was boarded by the Winteler family, with whom he became lifelong friends with. He then fell in love with Wintelers' daughter, Marie. At this time, Einstein didn't get a German citizenship to avoid military service, and enrolled at the Zurich school. Einstein would recall that his years in Zurich were some of the happiest of his life. He met many students who would become friends, such as Marcel Grossmann, a mathematician, and Michele Besso, with whom he enjoyed long talks about space and time. He also met his future wife, Mileva Maric, a fellow physics student from Serbia. In Italy In Italy, Albert's parents took pity on
him, but feared he wouldn't be able to
get a job, being a school drop-out.

Good News!!! Einstein was able to apply
to the Swiss Federal
Polytechnic School in Zürich,
Switzerland. Without a high school
diploma, he failed much of the
entrance exam but got
great marks in mathematics
and physics. Because of this, he passed
the exam. The school provided
him with the chance to complete his formal schooling first.
He went to a high school run by
Jost Winteler in Aarau, Switzerland,
then to the Swiss Federal. (A+E Television Networks, LLC, 2012) Note: Lieserl was either put
up for adoption, or died of
illness. Importance of Albert Albert Einstein is an important person because he discovered relativity. We would not know where we would be without him is the world of physics. He was a turning point for us in science, though he was a drop-out. We can learn that we don't have to always be a top-notch student to make great discoveries. Without Albert we don't know where we would be. You need science for practically anything. What Albert did that was so important, is that he opened the door to a portion of physics. He was the one who discovered the principles of realitivity. Life of Albert Einstein By Marie Chmara Birth of Albert Einstein
in Ulm, Württemberg, Germany Birth of younger sister, Maja, nickname for Maria. Einstein started elementary school at Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich A son of a poor polish student is invited to the Einsteins' by the name of Max Talmud 1889 Albert's family is moved to Italy, due to business failure 1879 1881 1884 1889 1894 V I D E O http://www.biography.com/people/albert-einstein-9285408/videos/albert-einstein-theory-of-relativity-proven-correct-1453123811 Einstein and Milevas'
first child, Lieserl was born in January
1902. Einsteins parents did not approve of the couple, because of Mileva coming from a Christian Orthodox religion. Einsteins' father became ill, and just before his death, he gave Albert his marriage blessing. Shortly after the death of his father, on January 6, 1903 Einstein and Mileva married. In May, 1904 they had their first son, Hans Albert. Their second son, Eduard, was born in 1910. (A+E Television Networks, LLC, 2012) (A+E Television Networks, LLC, 2012) (A+E Television Networks, LLC, 2012) (A+E Television Networks, LLC, 2012) (A+E Television Networks, LLC, 2012) Thank you! ªª¬GRACIAS!!!!!º Mercí Chao!! Arrivendercí BYE!!!! (A+E Television Networks, LLC, 2012) A+E Television Networks, LLC, 2012
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