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Blood donation

Our presentation and communication skills course persuasive presentation

aishwaria benny

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Blood donation

Blood Donation Excuses Conclusion Statistics Reduce the Risk of heart attack for men Stimulate the generation of Red Blood Cells We have progressed in every medical field yet blood substitute was never found and it needs to be donated Any and also put yourself in the patient position Conclusion
Imagine giving life for someone in need by just sparing 10 minutes of your life , if you donate money you give food but if you donate blood you give life Be brave and don't be afraid If you are busy , it only takes 10 minutes If you think it's unsafe Other reasons may include :

1) you donated once before

2) If you don't care

STOP MAKING EXCUSES ! But how can BLOOD save someones Life?
known as thalassemia, is a blood disorder inherited from defective genes in one or both parents causing fatigue and weakness due to the lack of oxygen being distributed throughout the body Mediterranean Anemia You can save up to 3 lives within 10 minutes of your life! Your blood will be separated into its different components so it can be used to treat a variety of conditions!... -red blood cells


-plasma Demand!!!!!!!!!!! What happens?
We all use such excuses discussed in this video ....
stop giving excuses & start giving lives Can I donate? - 65 ??
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