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Ironman Hero's Journey

No description

noah gilbertson

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Ironman Hero's Journey

Ordinary world
Tony Stark is testing his new weapons in afghanistan when he is captured and kidnapped. This halts his trip and puts the journey to the beginning.
Call to Adventure
Hes held in a cell and kept to very little survival. He figures out that the terrorists has gotten a hold of his weapons. he must break out to keep his industries alive!
Refusal to Call
He resists the urges and secretly build's his own homemade iron man suit with the materials he has around his jail cell. it takes him 1 week to construct his suit.
Meeting the Mentor
Dr.Yinsen saves him by giving him a replacement heart and gives him new ideas towards the situation and a new way at looking at life. He helps Tony figure out his main problems at the jail cell.
Iron man Hero's Journey
Crossing the Threshold
Tony uses his built suit to escape but experiences an early death of his mentor Dr.Yinsen.He decides to shut down his industry as he cannot make good choices at this time Of being away.

Tests, Allies and Enemies
When he returns home he realizes how much he missed and tries to fix as much as he can. He cant, and starts to break down. He sees he is being tormented by the terrorists. (VIDEO)
Return with the Elixir Video:
Approach to the innermost cave
Tony's business partner turns on him because he wants the suit for a weapon. the peers believes his company is "double dealing". dishonest messages about destroying all weapons that were created.
Supreme Ordeal
Tony fights Obadiah with a new suit of armor fit for just fighting enemies, so he can destroy the suit that was stolen.
Tony wins and disables all suits for no further more troubles. He confronts his industry and decides he is ready to start up again.
The Road Back
Tony gives a press conference saying that he is iron man (for people that don't know) and he decides to not read his note card but say what hes thinking about. He explains what happened to Obadiah
Tony - "I am Iron man." Meaning that he has returned home safely and with the courage to say that he saved the world.
Tony stark (hero, Herald, And Threshold Guardian
Terrorists (Villain)
Obadiah (ShapeShifter)
Jarvis (trickster)
Dr.Yinsen (Mentor)
Stark begins to return to his normal life but only as a face to the public. he now wants to lead a double life, one of the philanthropist Tony stark and the other as the avenger and superhero Iron man.
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