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The FITT principle

No description

Srinivasan Sankar

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of The FITT principle

"F" stands for frequency "I" stands for Intensity "T" stands for Time "T" stands for Type F.I.T.T. PRINCIPLE Or how often you exercise. Or how hard you exercise. Or how long you exercise. Or what kind of exercise you do. The F.I.T.T Principle My Fitness plan: to increase my cardiovascular fitness. *I will exercise 3 times a week and increase my frequency to 5 times a week *I will start with slow cardiovascular exercises for a short period of time and increase it at my level and and speed. My target heart rate is 145.6 beats per min. *I will start to exercise for a longer duration. I will exercise for 1/2 hour and try to increase to 1 1/2 hours 5 times a week *I will do a variety of exercises that increase my cardiovascular fitness like walking, jogging, bike riding and swimming. The FITT principle is a way of increasing exercises without hurting yourself and preventing injury Steps to my Goal *I am going to exercise 3-5 times a week. *I am going to increase my speed, time and distance when I do cardiovascular exercises. *I am going to increase my time from 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hours. *I am going to exercises that increase my cardiovascular strength like jogging, swimming, and biking. By: Shraeya Srinivasan Bibliograghy *"The FITT Principle" by Brad Walker and The Stretching Institute TM My goal is 1) Start exercising 3 days a week for 30 minutes. Ride a bike or walk at a slow maintained speed. Do easier exercises like walking and jogging 2) Exercise for 5 days per week for 1 hour. Do cardiovascular exercises at a faster speed. Start to do exercises that are harder like faster jogging. 3)Exercise for 6 days a week for 1.5 hours. Do exercises to my heart rate, 145.6 beats per minute. Do more intense types of exercises that I enjoy.
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