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Harmonic Inc. proudly presents

A virtual tour of the NAB just for you!

Jacco vanderKooij

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Harmonic Inc. proudly presents

Let's go on this journey together!
Welcome to
NAB 2013
4K / Ultra HD Presentation Theatre
Video traffic is expected to quadruple by 2016
We need to compress 4K to deliver it into the home
HEVC compresses video by another 50% (H.264)
Big use-case is Over-The-Top, direct to the consumer
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
4K 24 fps file-based encode, followed by OTT HD live.
Consumers are on the move, in time & space
They want to watch content, in high quality, whenever & wherever
Watching it on different devices, resolutions & bitrates requires an advanced multiscreen workflow solution
Multiscreen Workflow
Refers to the delivery of content or services over an infrastructure that is not under the administrative control of the content or service provider.
In which markets will real HEVC encoder products for 4K first appear?
Video content transformed into multiple formats, bitrates and resolutions for display on devices such as television, mobile phone, tablet, and computer.
A growing number of mobile device/screen sizes require clients to transcode to a range of resolutions
"Harmonic is poised to spend $1B over the next 10 years on R&D to help you continue to see improvements."
Many of our clients are not aware that they see us every day in action on their local TV channel, as we ingest, store, process and playout media on solutions built around Spectrum & MediaGrid.
We have become the Industry's most trusted server platform based on our stability, and hands-on support.
Spectrum ChannelPort, Media Storage & Playout
Historically clients had to build a transcoding farm against peak demand of their transcoding needs
You can now transcode in the cloud and pay for use
This reduces cost, scales need & simplifies operation
You can do all cloud, or offer a hybrid model
Cloud-Based Services
How do you see yourself scale your transcoding needs over the next 2 years?
The latest evolution of Harmonic's market leading Electra encoder offers multiple streams from a single encoder
Audio is now consuming an increasing portion of the bandwidth and we are introducing RAC2 a super dense Audio card, supporting 16 audio services on a single card
Real-Time Multiformat Encoding
Distribute your content across the country over satellite
Use ProView IRDs for example at every TV station
With MDS you manage all IRDs, from a central location, over-the-air with feats such as black out management.
Managed Distribution Systems
For most broadcasters MPEG-2 is a continued driver, and advances in encoding now make it possible to compress three 720p channels into a single carrier, which opens up a whole new set of business opportunities.
ATSC 3:1 HD Encoding (with EAS)
A video show case of Harmonic innovation in MPEG-2 encoding
New audio capabilities power more than 75,000 channels worldwide, due in part to a high-density, energy-efficient design that reduces operating costs and delivers excellent value per channel
Evolution of MPEG-2 Encoding
"HEVC has all the buzz, but for now MPEG-2 has the mission."
by Ian Trow
How to transmit pristine video from the field, over satellite and broadband networks into production? That's where the Ellipse contribution encoder comes in play. Highest quality encoding in 4:2:2 10-bit format and ultra low latency are key.
4:2:2 10-Bit Contribution Link
Encoded video comes in all shapes and sizes
Clients need their video to be in specific formats & resolutions for their workflows
ProMedia transcodes video to a vast array of editing, acquisition, broadcast, web and mobile formats
Available as a cloud-based service
Multiformat Transcoding
Content/Workflow Management & Collaborative Editing
Transformation of the business with innovations like 4K, HEVC, and cloud-based transcoding creates insecurity for our clients including our valued channels.
We have 25 years of experience in helping clients through such transformations, like Analogue to Digital and SD to HD
Let us help, it will reduce the risk and increase success rate
World-class Service & Support
High-Speed VOD Transcoding
Screen sizes are jumping
2-5" per year, and will
put affordable 80"
screens into our homes in the next 3-5 years. What do we need to do about it today? Our clients should build today an infrastructure to target a screen size ranging from 2" to 80".
"Audio is an increasing portion of your bandwidth. Have you taken a look at the impact of RAC2?"
"What new publishing formats do you see yourself dealing with by next NAB?"
How to overlay graphics on your digital content?
ChannelPort will work seamlessly with content from your media server, cost-effective, easy to use and integrates with graphic partners like Adobe
Scales from single- to large multi-channel operation
"When it comes to breaking news, you want to deliver the best HD quality quickly & efficiently."
by Joel Wilhite
"We looked at the workflow of the most tasking use-case, sports programming!"
We designed a powerful & modern distribution management system with a robust database, advanced reporting features and even the means to import and export data to minimize if not eliminate dual key entry. All with a modern & flexible GUI and latest SCTE-35 specification offering tiering.
When interfacing the Ellipse with the ProView we enable a virtual loss-less end-to-end workflow. This is important in an industry about to adopt a new standard such as Ultra HD.
by Dan Deweese
"ProMedia Carbon
is like a multitool, allowing our clients to transcode from any format to any format."
"How many devices do you have in your channel chain? And how much simpler is it when you reduce the number of devices?"
"What parts of your workflow could benefit from an 'ingest once and use everywhere' approach?"
Chris Lee
"Compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite means an artist can design unique on-air looks with Adobe's existing graphic tools"
"Links directly to Federal Emergency Alert System decoders, eliminating the need to purchase seperate devices for this mandatory application."
"What do you care most about? Increase quality? Add channels?"
"What are your plans to address the federal mandates?"
by Neil Brydon
by Yoav Derazon
"The ROI model favors the purchase of an entire new system plus one extra channel
to bring in new revenues"
Several years ago clients made a ~$300k investment to launch two channels.
"The cloud allows us to scale with the changing needs of our clients by the minute."
Cloud is two things;
1) a technology that provides shared servers, connectivity and storage
2) a business model where you only pay for what you use (SaaS)
"Does your network have programming substations, black outs or perform a channel change?"
by John Scaggs
Today prices have come down and you can buy a new system to launch new services and help meet new federal mandates.
Brian Pelletier
"Our passion for video extends far beyond creating products. We have brought together a global team of professionals with extensive experience in
"Professional Services has the experience & expertise to rapidly launch & maintain your new, enhanced service."
architecting, deploying and operating, broadcast, cable, IPTV, OTT, production & playout systems."
"How many people do you have on your staff? and how many systems to cover? How do you foresee the future?."
Small screens often have a
limited pipe or reception issues.
This is where quality vs. size
becomes a monetization factor. Video quality does not only apply to screens as they scale up, but even more as they scale down!"
Promo made by Employee
How do you manage all of your digitized content
Search & edit footage with streamlined tools powered by MediaGrid & MAS and gain control of your edit suites with field-proven collaborative editing
AVID, Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere all sharing common source material, via MediaGrid
"Our clients pick us because our solution performs like a tank supported by a world-class support organization."
by Ron Howe
Discover and you will find many valuable assets.
click play
It’ll take time - it took HD over a decade - but yes it will. Expect companies like Google and Apple to use the prospect of Ultra HD to distinguish their services in 2014
Is 4K / Ultra HD going to be a serious broadcast format?
by Ian Trow
You can continue to follow the steps but also move freely through this presentation and find new content.
Welcome to
NAB 2013
We are all part of a very exciting industry. One that will undergo a major transformation over the next 2-3 years as video will become part of every part of our lives. We are here to help you with that transformation."
no longer has to stay here!
Like Vegas itself, this will be
What happens here ...
NAB April, 2013
Join us on a virtual tour of the
Three Areas of Innovation
CIAB: Channel In a Box
Cloud: Cost Efficient, Scale
to your needs
An early look at the incredible picture quality offered by this emerging digital video format, which delivers four times the resolution of 1080p HDTV.
Click here to watch the NAB 4K presentation by Ian Trow.
Created by Jacco vanderKooij
In addition to high quality video, faster-than-real-time workflows for multiscreen VOD delivery are a must so you can watch TV shows on your iPad instantaneously
Paul Haskell on HEVC Encoding
Moore Macaulay on DASH
Ian Trow on HEVC as a business
Sean Busby
TBC Integration
Dennis Klas
Heartland Video Systems
Coffee Corner
with Tom Lattie
Navigate by clicking forward/backward
Discover loads of extra content
Zoom in and out by using your mouse’s scroll wheel
Hold the left button and move in the direction you
want to go.

The Harmonic booth in itself is a multiscreen broadcast operation, managing 20+ channels of SD/HD,
and 4K content. Demonstrating distribution over satellite, cable, OTT and broadcast spectrum. Put together in just a few days by a worldclass Professional Services team.
Booth as a Use-Case
Presenting 5 Solutions
Optimized Multiscreen Workflows
Production Workflow
Cloud Based Media Processing
Content Delivery
Channel Playout & Distribution
HEVC: 50% better encoding
follow us on
From analogue to digital, SD to HD and now single screen to multiscreen.
For 25 years we have helped our industry through these and many other transformations.
Virtual NAB Tour
Best experienced full screen
a unique experience
Who are you going to
bet your future on?
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