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Antaragni'13 ShowM

No description

Jayant Raj Saurav

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Antaragni'13 ShowM

ANTARAGNI'13 17-20 OCT' '13
•Proper and timely fulfillment of requirements of events and competitions
•Proper coordination with Head, Events and Event coordinators
•Forming efficient and enthusiastic Show-M team
•Be an active and contributing member of Antaragni core team How i envision a successful Antaragni: 2 Head 10 Senior Executives 25 Executives 25 Secretaries Team Structure Show-M Creative Team Major Changes
> No Separate Informal/mall stage
> Minimal use of Outreach Auditorium(only 1 day)
> Estampie prelims-OAT
> Synchronicity prelims– Hall 1 parking lot
> Kavi Sammelan,Sangam – Main Auditorium
> Fine Arts Events – Hall 8 Ground
> Messing – Hall 9 Ground (DOSA Triangle) Executive, Show-M, Antaragni'12
Executive, Show-M, Udghosh'12
Head, Logistics & Finance,E-cell
Senior Executive,Finance,Techkriti'13
Secretary,Mess & canteen,Hall 3 Time-line March April Summers August September October 10-12th,Nominations for senior Executives & executives 19-21th,Interviews Bookings & permissions (Audi,Outreach Audi,VH,LHC,Grounds etc.) Meeting with Head Events & Event coordinators 1-15th, Nominations for creative Team & secretaries for Show-M 1st week,First meeting of Show-M team 2nd week,Meeting with creative team,beginning of work 2-3rd week, Tender's opening 1-2nd week,Confirmation of all booking & permission Maps Hall 9 Hall 10 SAC Gate Sponsors stalls,banner Hall 4 Hall 3 Hall 2 Calypso GH 1 Synchronicity Prelims @Hall 1 Parking lot Hall 1 Academic Area Stage play,ELE,HLE etc @ LHC Tutorial block Convo ground Old SAC Sur,Dhawni,India Inspired,Pair on Stage,Director' cut @ Outreach Auditorium VH IWD Swimming pool Dance Arena @ Swimming pool parking lot 3 Main Hub New SAC,LHC,Audi Car Parking * Will be continued and will work for more visible depiction of festival theme * Two Heads will be made in early August to provide enough time to the team * Cut-outs related to theme or showing directions, structures will placed on the roads * Professional artists will be called to help the team from sclupture training centres * Flying lanterns will be used at Audi grounds and OAT to create ambiance *Lighted outlined frames related to theme will be placed at different places * Soil will be used to reduce damping in plywood at dance arena
*Monolayer sulfurised mat can also be placed on dance floor for better and safe surface
*Extension port(DP) will be placed in excess to prevent any overloading marketing stalls
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