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The art of Pastel Goth

No description

Brittney Akpuogu

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of The art of Pastel Goth

What is Pastel Goth?
Pastel Goth (Often referred to as Soft Grunge) is a subculture of Goth created (or at least popularized ) on the trendy blogging site Tumblr. It's often speculated to be mocking the “sweet pretty unicorns and kittens” stereotype that society puts onto girls.
Pastel Goth is often characterized by its cutesy, yet creepy theme. It is often the dominant soft pastel colors that portray the sense of cute to most, and the graphics on the tops/bottoms that give the "spooky" essence.
What makes it unique?

Pastel Goth seems to be a mix of “Nu Goth” and normal pastel clothing. But also has influence from hippy, 90’s ravers, and even Japanese Harajuku fashion.
Where did the Pastel Goth idea originate?

The average Pastel Gothic outfit consists of four parts (discluding extra original accessories):
1. Creepers : Platform-soled thick shoes that have taken a part in both goth and punk fashions. (Or other clunky platform shoes.)

What does the average Pastel Goth outfit consist of?
2. A graphic tee; almost always depicting something cute/mildly creepy / dripping text font / the classic inverted cross.

3. High knee socks/leggings that are often black (and sometimes with some kind of weird design, ex. Skeleton designs, eyeballs, bats, etc. )

4. The occasional spike/flower crown (which can easily be replaced with an eyeball themed bow)
( Con't. )
The hair of a person who casually submits themselves to Pastel Gothic fashion is usually dyed soft pastel colors, maybe even a gradient.
Pastel Goth is a fairly new fashion trend that is getting even popular by the second, that may be strikingly different from more mainstream fashion, but at the same time holds roots with older fashions from all around the world.
In conclusion.
The art of Pastel Goth
Pastel Goth Hair
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