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Copy of Object bibliography in the RMA

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on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Object bibliography in the RMA

Brussels, January 2013 Marjoleine Houben
Application manager Adlib (CMS) Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in short approximately 1 million objects to the 21th century dating from 3000 BC. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in short The museum has a team of conservators restoring objects Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in short The museum has a team of curators (30) Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in short The museum attracts about 1 million visitors a year in its current state (only a part is open) Mostly prints 300.000 75.000 and ceramics.. 15.000 And ...? paintings costumes furniture ship models weapons tableware and precious metals Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in short And we have a beautiful library, in which are +200.000 books, articles, periodicals, catalogs, etc.
I'm the application manager of Adlib, our content management system (CMS).

I'm responsible for the maintenance and further development of the system.

Department of collection information. Adlib-xml form query from Adlib SRU Adlib entered the museum in 2000 Adlib Museum max. 50 editors at a time Almost everything we know about these objects is registered in Everybody in the museum has access SK-A-4
Asselijn, Jan.
De bedreigde zwaan, ca. (1640 - 1652). BK-17040-A
Jamnitzer, Wenzel.
Merkelsche Tafelaufsatz (1549). BK-1986-71.
Brieventas van leer, vier horizontale banen in rood, wit en blauw, (1970 - 1975). BK-1969-24
Gesp van goud in art nouveau-stijl. (1900 - 1910). Versierd met florale motieven (anemonen). These items are described in Koha, an open source library system. a commercial CMS data from Koha
XML Adlib
server xslt Adlib derival (and storage) from Koha But...
One does not search in Koha, only in the Adlib dataset of derived references!

If a reference isn't derived yet...
Go back to the menu, choose dataset books, menu > 'record'>... Go back to menu, to the object you wanted
to add this reference to and try again.
Adlib stores the reference in the dataset SQL, XML SQL .exe Adlib doensn't handle live XML feeds.

Update/ synchronization
procedure Workflow Numbers There are almost 130.000 object records in Adlib where there is at least 1 reference to the library catalog. All of them are described in a standardized way, because those references are derived. There are almost 100.000 records where there is one or more references to an library item we don't have in our catalog.
Sometimes these references are described more or less standardized, sometimes it's more descriptive. Numbers ? Future impact of citations Searching is object orientated, in the future also concept related. Works of literature are concept based, an opportunity for semantic linking. If the concepts of the references cited in the objects can be connected to the object description, the objects can be more easily found by concept based searching Adlib isn't ready yet There must be a lot of changes to be made to make Adlib suitable for (semantic) linking. Adlib has to be transformed into a (web based) permeable database.
Thank you for listening There are some adjustments to be done to standardize every citation Adjustments Any questions? So +230.000 citations ! m.houben@rijksmuseum.nl
linkedin.com/in/MAHouben But also photographs
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