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Gender Marketing

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Jessica Alvaarez

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Gender Marketing

It Wasn't Always Like This
Companies Who Allow Gender Marketing
The Negative Effects
Companies like Toys R' Us and Target continue to categorize their products as Boys' or Girls' Toys. Retailers who don't make the toys yet continue to separate them by gender,only improve major toy companies revenue.
Monday June 2, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What Is Gender Marketing?
Children's Minds
: The idea of separating the same product and marketing it to a smaller demographic. E.G. gender.

So companies sell the exact same object but advertise it as being SPECIFICALLY made for

Products like: Razors and Shampoo, etc

Gender marketing teaches children that gender stereotypes are socially acceptable.It also limits children's minds.Teaching them that they can't do what the other gender can. Girls can't become engineers,that's a guy's job. Or Boy's can't show their emotions,they're not women.
Gender Marketing puts wrong ideas into the minds of children.Categorizing what is right and what is wrong. Ideas like,people of specific genders have one specific role. Girls can only become stay at home moms, and boys must one day go to work and make all the money for the family.Girl's toys are advertised with girlishness. While boy's toys advertise toys emphasizing the masculine traits they should have.

Gender Marketing
Reinforces Gender stereotypes
Teaches homophobia
Triggers Bullying

Grayson Bruce, a nine year old boy was bullied at school because of his My Little Pony Backpack. A brand that is marketed for girls "only."

Bruce was told not to bring his backpack to school b/c it triggered bullying. The children bullying him were not
punished.Gender Marketing teaches children they can't like what the opposite gender likes. Basically boys can't do what girls do and vice versa.They can't express themselves freely because there are others that are going to making fun of them.
LEGO announced that after 4 years of intensive research, they have finally come up with a LEGO product that fulfills the desires of “how girls naturally build and play.”In 2012 Lego, launched a new branch called Lego Friends. It was aimed at girls claiming,that they play differently. But that's not true,society is teaching them that they are different.This reinforces gender inequality.
Then & Now:
Can one be too masculine or feminine?
It's a lot easier for a girl to use a boys toy than vice versa.This is because gender marketing is teaching each gender,what is normal. That if they are men they have to be masculine all the time, they can't like what girls like. Its socially unacceptable. This is wrong and yet no one does anything. Parents even enforce this idea. If a boy is seen playing with a barbie doll he is immediately seen as being too feminine. His own parents may even wonder or worry for his sexual orientation in the future. Just because he was seen using a Barbie doll.This is wrong children shouldn't be seeing their toys as gender barriers,but yet they are marketed that way,and we continue to buy the.Children aren't born seeing these toys as made for girls or boys only. But people like their parents or major toy companies are feeding them these ideas,which they will one day pass onto their own children. How is this improving society?
But what may be driving profit margins is limiting children's' choice - and experiences.
Chi Onwurah ( product management, market development)
Normal Trends

In a recent U.K. parliamentary debate, politicians Jenny Willott, Elizabeth Truss, and Chi Onwurah also expressed concern that the "pinkification" of toys for girls was adding to gender inequality in careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Willott, for instance, drawing on a basic tenet of early education, observed that "children learn through play; it's how they develop skills and interests."
The Difference
Stop Gender Marketing
Gender neutrality,the idea of not categorizing objects into a certain demographic,should be enforced. This would avoid discrimination against the genders.People should be allowed to make their own decisions on what they do without the fear of discrimination.
I was walking through Target looking for gifts for my niece and nephew and I saw a Nerf gun they would both would enjoy. And right next to it was the girl version. I could tell because it was pink and purple.Normally I wouldn't have put much attention to this but through my research, I started to notice these things. The
girl's Nerf gun was at least $3 more than the boys.I was in shock. Why should I pay more for the same object?
Gender marketing didn't begin to show till the late 1980's. Before that colors didn't categorize a toy.They were advertised by both girls and boys.
Is It a
Gender marketing often goes unnoticed because to society it's not as important as racial inequality. Another reason it goes unnoticed is that gender marketing became popular in the late 1980's so today's children have grown up alongside gender marketing and think it's normal.Gender marketing reinforces gender stereotypes,teaches homophobia,and triggers bullying.Gender neutrality, should be enforced,because it doesn't categorize an object as being made only for one gender. Both boys and girls can use it. Companies could do this by making their toys with a more neutral color. They need to advertise to both genders,because they are equal.Children develop through play,so we should be teaching them the right messages.Gender marketing teaches the wrong messages and children don't notice it,so parents need to do something. Write letters to toy companies making them stop categorizing their stock under gender. In the UK,a popular organization, Let Toys Be Toys successfully got Toys R' Us to stop categorizing toys by gender.
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