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Investment Stock Portfolio (Assigment)

No description

Jana M

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Investment Stock Portfolio (Assigment)

What is a Stock Market?
Sarah Ali
Vian Chan
Jana Masrieh
Hassaan Mubashir
Noah Premji
#2 sarah
#3 hassaan
#4 hassaan
What we did well
What is a Stock Market?
The stock market is a term we use to talk about a place where stocks and bonds are traded which means getting bought and sold.

The goal is to buy the stock, hold it for a period of time, and then sell the stock for more than what you originally paid for it.

We would look the rate of the stock
and see how it would be performing.

Diverse what we would invest in

Look at what stock we would be investing in

How long do you keep your stock for?

Investors who keep thier stock for 15 years or more usually succeed in the market. Stocks are long-term investments. But there are no guarantees.

What are stocks?

Stocks are units of ownership in a company.
Difference between Investing and Saving
We would invest in different industries such as Nike, Tesla and Best Buy
Putting your money to work for you.
It's using your savings to earn extra income
-Invested in a variety of different stocks
-Researched everything before we bought/sold any stocks
-Everyone's approval before investing
What we learned
-Long-term money
What we would have done differently
-There are no rules
Safely putting your money aside for future use
What is the stock market?
Investing vs Saving
Types of stock markets
Our portfolio strategy
Profit or loss?
What we did well?
Future learnings
Different approach
With all the stocks taken into account we are in the
negatives with a loss of $-74.55
Total current value of stocks was $6,727.40
Pay more attention to how the stock has done previously
Types of Stock markets
Types of Investments
NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
Toronto Stock Exchange
We were in the positive for a bit but the economy
was not doing well
Mutual Funds
Real estate
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