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Humanistic Psychology

No description

Stephanie Still

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Humanistic Psychology

What is Humanistic Psychology?
Where did it come from?
What is it?
Key thinkers: Maslow and Rodgers
Key concepts
The individual should be all he/she can be
So as PE teachers, what should we take away from this?

Need to think why are pupils acting the way they are.
Treat pupils with genuine empathy and care.
Talk to pupils, find out what needs aren't being met.
Don't challenge self esteem.
In what ways can you help meet developmental needs?
How do we get them to self actualization?
Humanistic Psychology
By Stephanie Still, Natalie Still, Cara Stickle and Lorna Stewart
Humanistic Psychology as a theory of personality
The individual should be all he/she can be: Maslow : Self Actualisation
Rogers : Fully Functioning Person
How a person feels about her/himself is more important than what they know – self esteem is crucial.
Decline in Religion and Patriotism
Development of Technology
Destruction of Community
Changes in Traditional Family/ Breakdown of Extended family.
Rogers: Theraputic Triad
Where did it come from?
humanistic approach
stemmed from a concern about the limitations of psychoanalysis and behaviourism.

It is a psychological perspective that looks at the whole person.
It looks both at the person both through the eyes of an observer and the person itself.
Suggests that people thoughts feelings and choices are the most important things to explain their behaviours.
Humans are not soley a product of their environment, their behaviour comes from within.
What Is Humanistic Psychology?
Maslow's Hierarchy of
What motivates people?
Developmental needs must be met first.
Pupils should come to schools with these needs met.
D-needs and B-Needs
Self actualization is the goal
Must work through hierarchy to reach self actualization.

Thanks for listening!
I can expect my learning environment to support me to: develop my self awareness; self worth; and respect for others.


Through contributing my views, time and talents, I play a part in bringing about positive change in my school and wider community.

HWB 0-13a/ HWB 1-13a/HWB 2-13a/ HWB 3-13a/ HWB 4-13a
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