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Flush by Carl Hiaasen

No description

Jamie K

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Flush by Carl Hiaasen

By: Carl Hiaasen Character Overview What if the setting changed? Vocabulary Theme Plot When: Images That Represent The Character 4. Concern- "If you are not back in a hour, I am either telling mom or calling the cops." In the book, Abbey was concerned about her brother going to Lice Peeking by himself. If the story took place in a different setting, the plot and the characters would be different. The main story revolves around a gambling boat that is dumping waste and trash into the coast to save money. If the gambling boat was on land, Dusty ,the owner of the boat, wouldn't be able to dump the waste and trash into the ocean.This is so because most of the plot happens on the coast in Key West. This will also cause a difference in the characters actions as well. If Dusty wouldn't be doing what he is doing, Abbey's and Noah's dad wouldn't have gone to jail by sinking the gambling boat. Also Abbey and Noah wouldn't have to sneak out at night to catch Dusty and the problem he is causing. Stockade Jamie Kluesner 3rd 1. Cynical- "Abbey was her usual skeptical self." In the story, she was cynical when she did not believe that Dusty Muleman kidnapped Lice Peeking because he was holding secrets against him. Abbey Underwood 2. Nosy- "...Abbey was eavesdropping..." Abbey was being nosy when she was listening to her mom talking to her lawyer named Mr. Shine. 3. Determined- " Dusty can't get away with this stuff forever.'' In the story, Abbey was determined to make sure that the coast guard will catch Dusty polluting the ocean. 5. Calm- "It was amazing how calm and good-natured she was, considering the trouble we were in." Noah was talking about Abbey and how fine and cool she was when they were stuck on a boat in the ocean. Abbey Underwood Food- coloring gel Abbey bought 34 bottles of gel to help bust Dusty with their plan. Ear Abbey always listen to private conversations and eavesdrop on other people Camera Abbey will come out at night with a camera just to try to see if she can catch Dusty polluting. Setting Where: Mood of the Setting: Summer Vacation Island of Key West in Monroe County,Florida Suspenseful Flush by Carl Hiaasen takes place in modern day during summer vacation. We can tell this because Noah and Abbey do not go to school, and on page 12 it said,"...it was summertime and school was out." The story's location is in Key West, Florida. The mood of the setting is suspenseful because many suspenseful dilemmas happens in the setting. An example is on page 58 where Noah and Abbey would spy on Dusty, but then had a problem when Dusty's guard (as they learn later) catches them. This was suspenseful because neither of them knew who the mystery man was, and left the reader wondering what was the guard going to do next with them. Part of speech: noun Definition: an enclosure in which prisoners are kept Synonym: camp,barrier Skiff Part of speech: noun Definition: various types of boats small enough for sailing or rowing by one person Synonym: rowboat,canoe Martyr Part of speech: noun Definition: a person who is put or great suffering for a belief Synonym: offering Squall Part of speech: noun Definition: a sudden violent gust of wind, often accompanied by rain,snow, or sleet Synonym: storm,flurry,blast Leering Part of speech: verb Definition: looking or staring in a way that suggests bad intent Synonym: smirk, sheer Exposition Paine, Noah's and Abbey's dad, went to prison because he sunk a casino boat called the Coral Queen. The reason he did that was to stop a man named Dusty from throwing waste from the Coral Queen to the ocean to save money. In this part of the story, Noah visit his dad at the jail to tell him that the gambling boat is reopening for business. Resolution The Coral Queen was burnt down by Dusty's son who accidentally set the fire. Everything goes back to normal in the Underwood family, and at the end of the book they got to see the green flash, which is a legend in the Island of Key West. Rising Action Rising Action Rising Action Climax Falling Action Falling Action How do I know The Coast Guard fined Dusty, and Paine finally gets out of jail and starts to work at a boat rescuing business. Other When Noah comes home from the jail, he hears his mom talking about getting a divorce from his dad. He wants to keep his family together, so he tries to help his dad prove himself that he wasn't crazy by sinking the boat. So, Noah then meet with Lice Peeking who knows Dusty's secrets as evidence to help his dad win the case. Noah tries to find Lice Peeking, but turns out to be missing . Shelly, his girlfriend, then decided to help Noah and Abbey bust Dusty. She herself know the secret that Dusty is polluting the ocean because she use to work there. Shelly, Abbey, and Noah made a plan against the Coral Queen. In this part of the story, Abbey and Noah goes to the store to buy 34 bottles of food-coloring gel for their mission. They plan to sneak into the Coral Queen at night and dump the coloring down the toilets, so it will flush to the bilge tank. When tomorrow morning comes and Dusty has already dump the waste from the tank in the ocean, the coloring will show in the water. The boat Noah and Abbey were using to get to the Coral Queen runs out of gas, and they both got lost in the ocean. Then Noah's and Abbey's dad and their Grandpa (who they thought was dead) comes and rescues them. Noah sneaks into the casino boat at midnight in a crate. Noah them meets Shelly on the boat, and she sneaks him into one of the restrooms . Noah and Shelly then poured the dye they bought down the toilet. Key West, Florida The island of Key West is located in Monroe county, 129 miles southwest of Miami, Florida Part of Naval Satiation Key West which is inaccessible by civilians Key West has a tropical climate with January being the coldest and June being the warmest month 24,909 people live in Key West by July 2011 Pictures of the Key West This is a picture of the legend of the green flash which is well known in the Florida Keys. Green Flash Key West beaches The one thing Key West is famous for is its beaches. They bring in about 9.6 million tourist a year. Southernmost point buoy This spot claimed to be the southernmost point in continental United States. It is also 90 miles away from Cuba. It is located at the corner of South Street and Whitehead Street in Key West, Florida. Other Pictures Key West is 1.5 miles wide and 4 miles long Key West was originally called Cayo Hueso three Civil War forts are on the island third largest coral reef in the world is seven miles off the coast of Key West Source:http://www.pierhouse.com/Key_West/fun_facts.asp#fun The End What goes around comes around. In the story, Carl Hiaasen teaches us the lesson that what goes around comes around by using the character Dusty as an example. In Flush, Dusty would dump the waste in the bilge tank from the Coral Queen into the ocean. At the end of the story, he got what he deserved. He was fined and the Coral Queen was burnt down to ashes. I know this because on page 259 is directly said,"Dusty's scam was scuttled for good." Also i can tell this is the theme because on the same page it also said, "What goes around comes around, Mom remarked after the headlines. Abbey and I are finally starting to believe it."
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