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Virginia State Troopers Content Presentation

An overview of the research methods and process used to analyze Virginia State Troopers

Blaise Lopez

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Virginia State Troopers Content Presentation

JAN Virginia State Police
Content Research Collin Chew
Sivani Parbadia
Danielle Bushrow
Blaise Lopez
Joe Luke Discussion What did we already know? History How did they get here? Current Issues What do we need to do for this project Scope Design Information system for users of Interstate 81 Purpose Objectives Determine information needs of
Virginia State Troopers History
Current Issues
Blog Organization • Research process
• What I found.... Equipment Functions What do we need to do for this project Scope Investigating accidents

Enforcing highway vehicle laws

Educating the public

Assisting with emergency response to traffic accident scenes

Assisting with the maintenance of state roadways. S Main Functions Where to start looking? Encyclopedias

Virginia State Trooper website Timeline 2012 JAN SEP Main Events 1919 The Virginia State Police was conceived with the passing of The Automobile Acts which stated that the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles and his assistants are vested with the powers of sheriff for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this law. Integration of information system into pre-existing interfaces Relevance to the Project 1932 Body armor
Target systems
Bomb detection equipment
Restraining equipment
Emergency signal systems
Night vision equipment
Surveillance systems
Drug testing equipment
Canine handling equipment
Fingerprinting equipment All Available Equipment What are the their current problems? Functions
and Organization Investigate Accidents
Enforce Traffic laws
Educate Public
Assist with roadway maintenance
Assist emergency response
Report roadway damage Official Duties Inspectors became empowered to enforce criminal codes, as well as motor vehicle codes. In doing so, legislators created a state enforcement group with the power of arrest anywhere in Virginia. A mobile enforcement agency was now ready for duty wherever civil strife or emergency conditions might exist that would warrant police personnel to ensure peace and security. It was at this time that inspectors began to be known as "troopers." Generators
Ear mikes
Alcohol detection kits
Climbing equipment
Automobiles 1961 Ford Taurus Interceptor interior Major administrative reorganization added a new State Police Division at Salem. Where did we look? Sergeant Robert Carpentieri Public Affairs Contact

Division VI – Salem/Roanoke

540) 375-9598 telephone

robert.carpentieri@vsp.virginia.gov Persona David Johnson

Trooper II
Age: 25
Division 6, Area 40 Office (Counties of Craig, Montgomery, Roanoke and Floyd)
Base Salary: $40,482
Married, one child
Associates degree - Roanoke College
High School Diploma - Glenvar High School, Salem, VA

"I enforce the law to keep the public safe." Simple Google search and Wikipedia check to get basic idea

Went Directly to the source http://www.vsp.state.va.us

2010 VDSP Annual Report

Exhaustive search on every link Learned VSP full organization structure

Jurisdiction and Hierarchy Organization Initiatives Questions? Checkpoint Strikeforce
Operations C.A.R.E.
Primary and Secondary Highway Emphasis
Motorist Assistance Program
Many others
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