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The Art Student's Workbook

The Ultimate Art Guide for Schools: Available worldwide on Amazon or bulk orders placed by dictricts to the publisher found at http://www.firehousepublications.com

Eric Gibbons

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of The Art Student's Workbook

The Art Student's Workbook
Art is the bedrock of education!
Art is the meeting place for all subjects...

When we grid, measure, and use perspective—we learn about geometry.
When we make sculptures—we learn engineering.
When we mix colors—we reveal information about physics.
When we write about our work—we reinforce these skills.
When we create illustrations for stories—we learn about literature.
When we review art, from da Vinci to Warhol—we understand more about history.
Art makes sense of core course material.
Students not only come to understand the concepts in math, science, biology, history, and literature, but use them, and manipulate them for deeper understanding on multiple sensory levels of thinking. "The Art Student's Workbook" is divided by multicurricula units so that this concrete connection to academic “core courses” is more easily seen and understood.
Measurable Success!
Anecdotal evidence from the author's guidance department indicates that students who take his course with this workbook are 50% less likely to fail standardized testing. These are real numbers that can grab the attention of your community as you implement this rigorous program.

The book is also a helpful aid in fulfilling State and Federal accommodation requirements (504/ IEP) by providing special needs students additional documented and written material that may be taken home.
A Comprehensive approach
"The Art Student's Workbook," includes nearly three years worth of lesson ideas, project samples, vocabulary, worksheets, sample tests, research paper samples, grading rubrics, sketch and note taking pages, over 150 sketchbook ideas, and short creative writing assignments. It also includes critiquing pages, and daily closure statements to meet growing district observational requirements.
"The Art Student's Workbook" can be found on Amazon throughout the world, and via the publisher's website along with many other valuable resources at:

Bulk School Discounts!?!
If you contact the publisher's directly through their website, they can work with your district to get you books at nearly 50% off when buying large quantities of student editions. You can even get a free teacher's edition with your order!
But what about ART?!?
The program detailed in "The Art Student's Workbook" helps add backbone to what many teachers are already doing.

For example, when you teach portraiture, you are also teaching about proportion, anatomy, & measurement. The book just helps bring these connections into clearer focus and helps students understand these concepts in
their core courses and succeed.
Designed For Success!
Every lesson in "The Art Student's Workbook" is designed to be flexible in your choice of materials, and the ability level of your students.

For example...
...a project that explores a student's life goals can be done as a drawing, painting, or even a sculpture, based on the materials you have available.

More importantly, both the advanced student and those with special needs will be able to succeed at their own ability level.
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