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SIPPS-Challenge Plus and Challenge Level

SIPPS reading program with comprehension, fluency, brain breaks, data folders and activities

Carla Hood

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of SIPPS-Challenge Plus and Challenge Level

4 Levels to meet the needs of your students:
Beginning Level- K-1st (phonemic awareness)
Extension Level-1st-2nd (spelling patterns)
Challenge Plus-4th-adult (older reading selections)
Challenge Level-2nd-? (polysyllabic/morphemic phase)
Please fill out status check
in back of room.
Challenge Plus
sound cards (2 sets)
sight word cards (2 sets)
spelling-sounds wall cards
decodable reader (each student)
Assessment and Placement
page 303-309 individual student assessment
Setting Up
some words need to be written or printed ahead of time*
use a board or projector
copy assessments
prepare data folders*
markers, visuals
let's practice
sight word games
2 lessons, mastery test
specific routines
alternative word lists to repeat
mastery tests every 5 lessons, copy for you and the students
single syllable phonics
same content as Beginning and Extension Levels but selections are for older readers
190 high frequency irregular sight words
emphasis on blending, segmenting and manipulation
spelling strategies
decodable reading until lesson 41
Challenge Level
experience-based rather than rule-based
words from many content areas
phonics cards
irregular word cards
sight syllable cards
spelling-sound wall chart
irregular sight-syllable wall chart
no reading selections
assessment record book
mastery tests after every 10 lessons*
syllabic strategies and patterns
morphological units, prefixes, roots and suffixes
optional phonics reviews
optional irregular sight word reviews
optional guided spelling of polysyllabic words
three differents word lists for second grade, third grade, fourth grade and above
weekly spelling lists
Setting up
some lists may need to be written or printed ahead of time
put up wall charts
organize hand-held cards-ABC
copy assessments
prepare data folders*
use board or projector
markers, visuals
let's practice
2 lessons, mastery test
Questions so far??
*Take a Break*
Helpful Materials
Electronic lists and visual aids
Data Folders
student record of mastery tests
mission statements-planning and creating
goals-planning and creating
word wall
Word Revolution
Progress monitors
Developmental Study Center
Brain Exercise
Brain Break!
Ask a Question!!
Sticky Notes
Retelling Chart
Comprehension Toolkit
Toolkit Texts
Guided reading, running records www.eworkshop.on.ca
The Next Step in Guided Reading
Write your own!
Reading A-Z
Free online passages
Running Records
Data folders
Scope and Sequence
page 338-341
features, uses
Scope and Sequence
pages 340-341
features, uses
Brain Break!
Brain Break
Need a Laugh??
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