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Life As We Knew It

No description

Jordynn Dixon

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Life As We Knew It

The moon brings trauma to everyday life, and barely living becomes a luxury Life As We Knew It Characters Conflict Plot Summary Dystopian Literature Author's Purpose Theme
Lisa & Baby

Mrs. Nesbitt
Dan (emotionally involving)
Brandon Elrich (emotionally involving)
Beth (emotionally involving) Main Conflict
Main- Asteroid hits the moon
Population attempts to survive
Person vs. environment

Smaller Conflicts
Miranda and her mother
Mom and dad Meteor is to crash into the moon
Moon is launched towards Earth
Affects the daily lives of humans Moon launched towards Earth
Survival issues

Social commentary- people are too depending Ties in with social commentary

Are everyday "necessities" appreciated?
Teaches how to be grateful & resourceful

Family has to buy groceries for the entire year
NO electricity= hand labor Overall theme is:
Not take anything as granted
Be grateful for what you have
Everything should be given respect
Other themes are:
Life should be cherished
Anyone can be a hero
You can make history “I can't decide which is worse, no electricity or unreliable electricity. I wonder if I'll ever have to decide which is worse, life as we're living or no life at all.” p.119 Quote Support “But she's wrong about hell. You don't have to wait until you're dead to get there.” p.196 Quote Support Teen POV-
Not making complete sense; not all information is communicated
Many thoughts to do with the problem
Attitude different than an adult's would be
Worried about & notices different things

Style “The only way you can be the best at something is to be the best you can be.” p.108 Favorite Quotes Any questions, comments, or concerns should be brought up now.

Discussion about the presented information should take place.

We will take time to clarify any information wanted. Debriefing Miranda We could be in worse situations “What's the point of God making us human if He doesn't want us to act like we're human?'
'To see if we can rise above our natures,'Megan said.” p.163 “But today when I am 17 and warm and well fed, I'm keeping this journal for myself so I can always remember life as we knew it, life as we know it, for a time when I am no longer in the sunroom.” p.337 “The electricity came on for the second time today while we were eating. This may be a fool's paradise, but it's a paradise nonetheless.” p.335 “The Christmas after Mom & Dad split up, they both went crazy buying us presents. Matt, Jonny, and I were showered with gifts at home and at Dads apartment. I thought that was great. I was all in favor of my love being paid for with presents.
This year all I got was a diary and a secondhand watch.
Okay, I know this is corny, but this really is what Christmas is all about.” p.285 “It wouldn't be New Year's without a resolution. I've resolved to take a moment every day for the rest of my life to appreciate what I have.” p.288 “Just in case the world ends tomorrow," she said. "We might as well enjoy today.” p.41 Irony- When Miranda leads herself to death, but does not die
Simile- p.115 "To throw life away like a piece of paper is a sin to me."
Metaphor- p.26 "The moon was a giant light hanging in the sky, ready to burst in my window." "I don't want her to see me die and I don't know that I can outlive her. This is really the best, Matt. I thought about it a lot, and this is the best." -Miranda p.328 "'Jonny, why haven't you eatten any supper?' Mom
asked him this evening.
'I'm not hungry,' he said.
That's the third night in a row he hasn't been
hungry at suppertime.
I guess he went into the pantry when none of us
were looking. I guess he knows now what the rest of us figured out already.
I wonder if he's noticed that Mom's hardly eating
anything." p.319 Jonny
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