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Mail Bride 1

Mail Order Brides

Piotr Jaworski

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Mail Bride 1

catalogues were most common

nowadays brides set up Internet
profiles through a desired agency a complex business model some might say... Brief History - Where it all began Mail order brides have been in use since 1630's

Men travelling West have often corresponded with women back East during
their trips for gold and trasures

World War II has brought many war brides along with returning soldiers

even ABRAHAM sent his slaves to find a wife for his son Issac

A Booming Industry A Google search for mail order brides produces around 2.94 million hits the industry has developed greatly since the advent of the internet

there are thousands of matchmaking agencies within European countries, united states and asia

demographics typical traits include:

1. most of the customers are men
2. white and usually betweetn 36 - 50
3. financially stable and secure
and how do they make money? charging the men three to six dollars per name, address, and phone number. Others may charge for whole catalogues that cost from $120 to $1850 per catalogue. the typical process mail - order bride as a business advertising in match making agencies is everything revenues are generated through viewing and using the websites resources and catalogues How does it look like today?
1.) The man searches for a wife online or in a catalogue

2.) He begins writing letters or emails to the women he likes no specific regulations in place over 6.000 of web pages are fake and attract
unsuspecting men and women Regulations, Opposition, and Human Traffic Issues fully 80% of mail order bride marriages last for years immigration issues emerge in almost every country A question of Human Traffic ?? Murders of mail order brides Reasons for men to use the
service agencies describe the women as middle class and family oriented some think that their role is to get married, have children and raise them in an enriching environment reasons for women to post their service financial dependence and a chance at a better life some brides support financially their families back home great area for exploitation scams are too common and many times solicit money from people this type of arrangement has been around for many centuries the whole process involves many stockholders 40% of women end up in an controlling and abusive relationship this phonomena is
nothing new... On top of everything it is politicized, gendered and highly controversial Why? let's find out An estimated 50,000 to 20,000 catalogues are sent out each year What's next? 2000 - 5000 marriages
occur each year in US alone thanks for listening! Bibliography/
Mail order bride business picture 1 many agencies are legitimate, some are just scams
aiming at exploiting both women and men involved
Another way they make money is to charge $3000 to $5000 for a “romance” tour of the bride’s country. A third service is a charge for interpreting letters, e-mails, and phone calls.

4.) Sometimes the weddings are immediate while some engagements are longer 3.) When he decides which he will marry, he visits their home country where he will propose additional information on how eligable
the business is doing is never publicized
or posted usually organized crime networks control
the match - making agencies e - commerce and online payments are
most common forms of transactions often additional services are used such as:

legal aid, translation services, online shops,
and travel arrangements look for control rather than loving relationship aging curiosity different culture VIDEO 1 despite leglal, ethical and political questions
men and women alike still think of it as a mutually
beneficial partnership website link for a decent amount of cash, six months
worth of e-mails, and eventually a 14 day trip
to a country you get.... questions ? ? 75% success rate with clients using the service www.wikipedia.com
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