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Vandalia Youth Theatre

No description

Charis Weible

on 26 April 2015

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Transcript of Vandalia Youth Theatre

Vandalia Youth Theatre

Character Categories
The characters are divided into several categories. Each category will be addressed individually as follows:
Leads & Miscellaneous
People of London
The Victorian Era was very varied at this point. The people of London will show these differences, as well as some difference in class and style. Miss Lark will be dressed as a Londoner.
Chimney Sweeps

Summer 2015
Costume design, Charis Weible

Bank Clerks
George Banks
Michael Banks
Jane Banks
Winifred Banks
Mary Poppins
Robertson Ay
Von Hussler
Admiral Boom
Katie Nanna
Miss Andrew
Bird Woman
Fannie Corry
Queen Victoria
Mrs. Corry
Annie Corry
Mrs. Brill
Miss Lark
Miss Smythe
Victorian children didn't have a lot of options when it came to toys. Therefore, our group of toys will consist of:
porcelain dolls
toy soldiers
Raggedy Ann & Andy (this is slightly historically nebulous, but close enough!) Valentine will be dressed as Raggedy Andy
The sweeps are where we can relax our period rules a tiny bit more! Some basic looks might include:
Bank Clerks
The bank clerks are our most conservative group. Von Hussler and Northbrook will be dressed in this vein too.
Mary Poppins & Bert
Both characters follow their own set of rules... to a point!

Jane & Michael Banks
Jane and Michael are the children of the household. Victorian and Edwardian children were not dressed much differently from their adult counterparts. Jane's skirts will hit just under the knee, to reflect her age of 10-12. Michael may exchange full length pants for shorts or knickers.
Jane's color is pink, Michael's is blue. The color will appear in each costume they wear.
George & Winifred Banks
George and Winifred are the most sober characters in our show. George wears very dark, straight laced suits. Winifred is trying to match George, but not always succeeding.
George's color is forest green, Winifred's is yellow. Spots of these colors will appear in every costume.
Robertson Ay & Mrs. Brill
The house staff for the Banks'. Mrs. Brill is the cook and housekeeper. Robertson Ay fills the role of the footman.
Katie Nanna & Miss Andrew
Katie Nanna & Miss Andrew are the children's nightmare Nannies. Miss Andrew will be significantly older.
Annie, Fannie & Mrs. Corry
These three pop out of our texture a little bit... as if they are not quite real somehow...
Park Keeper, Neleus & Bird Woman
Admiral Boom & Miss Smythe
Queen Victoria
Things to play with:
Time Period
Exaggerated silhouette
Please remember: these are very rough approximations and ideas only! A broad scope of the spectrum and where we're heading. Thanks!
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