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Divergent: Main Events

No description

Gracie Estes

on 18 January 2014

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Transcript of Divergent: Main Events

Divergent: Main Events
1'st main event
Tris learns that she is divergent and chooses the faction, Duantless over her faction of birth, Abnegation.
2'nd main event
Tris is accetped into Dauntless along with her close friends Christina, Will and Uriah.
3'rd main event
Jenanie Matthews, leader of Euritide, injects all of the Dauntless with simulation serum, and programs them to attack and kill all Abnegation leaders.
4th Main Event
Tris' parents die to help her on her quest to stop the simulation so that the Dauntless stop their attack on Abnegation.
5'th Main Event
Tris successfully stops the attack on Abnegation.
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