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Natalia Villalobos

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of STOP, THINK & RESPOND

Critical thinking for de-escalation
Signs of "escalation"
Voice is raised
Aggressive attitude
Intimidating words
Irate tone of voice
How to get in control?
Keep a level of respect
Never get defensive
Give your undivided attention
Use a firm but flat tone of voice
Acknowledge feelings
Listen and let the customer vent
Do not judge
Keep answers short and clear
Effective phrases when de-escalating
Acknowledge customer feelings:

*Show that you care:
"I understand what your feeling"
"I'm a customer as well"
"I've been in a similar position"
"I will appreciate if you give me a chance"
Effective phrases when de-escalating
Reduce customer effort:

" Sir/ ma'am let me check the previous notes to find out what is going on"
"As per previous contacts I understand that you need..."
"I can see that you've been contacting regarding..."
Show Empathy
Apologize and put yourself in their shoes

"As a customer myself I want to solve this for you"
"I know what it feels so please let me take ownership of your situation"
"I acknowledge we dropped the ball, but I know I can look for some options for you"
Offer options and use a positive approach

"I will like to go over some options we have for you"
"Based on my experience the easiest way to fix this..."
"What we can do in order to resolve this is..."
"Absolutely! I can help you with..."
Go over what was done to make sure the solution works and is done.
Remember to mention the follow up email as a reference.
Brand yourself, the company and yourself in order to get a positive response rate.
Make sure the customer is satisfied.

Behaviors may escalate quickly
* The brain has several functions:

1. Anatomic function: Tells you to breath, the heart to beat.
2. Controls the emotion.
3.Thinking and analysis.
4. Fight response: The thinking part of the brain shuts down.

Recap and Educate
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