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"LSA2010"Criminological Theory WHHAATT WHAATT!

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Jacie LeVier

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of "LSA2010"Criminological Theory WHHAATT WHAATT!

Criminological Theories Social Learning Crime behavior will be repeated and become chronic if reinforced.
People that are labeled as criminals will do criminal acts cause once they are label they develop criminal identities. Anomie

-Crime is learned through associations with criminal definitions. These definitions might be generally approving of criminal conduct or be neutralizations that justify crome only under certain circumstances. We have this "American Dream" which is an econmic stardard we drive for to provide for our family well when we cant provide in the right way, we take in crime to get what we need, but still have the thought in our minds to provide our families but in a criminal way.
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