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Quacker's Cold-O-Wave

No description

Yausi T

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Quacker's Cold-O-Wave

The Cold-O-Wave
This was made when...
A poor person had to put this
Somebody put this
This was made when....
In this
And wait at least four hours !!
In this
And waited one minute!!!
So why don't we put this
In the new Quacker's Cold-O-Wave
And get this
Find the Cold-O-Wave at select stores:
The Invisble Store
Quackers Retail (Out of Business)
The Cold-O-Wave 1: Unaffordable
The Cold-O-Wave 2: -$77! Go get this money from the hobo down the street or at your local Tusi's!!!!
Here's a look at how successful the hobo down the street has been with the new Quacker's Cold-O-Wave for him to sell!!
The Hobo down the street's daily work:
And some of our happy customers:
At least we have the Cold-O-Wave
That's it. We're bankrupt
buy now!!
So Buy it!!!
And you can be as happy as them!!!
Buy It!!!
GO GET It!!!
Just Kidding!!!
But we will be soon so order now!!!
How does it work?
The Cold-O-Wave uses advanced technology to instantly reflect all heat waves. The heat energy already inside whatever you put inside the Cold-O-Wave are converted to electrical energy which is used to help power the machine.
So not only is it fast and easy. It's also power friendly!!
You'd think that a device this great would use up TONS of energy and eat up your electricity bill, but it's the exact opposite!!
The Cold-O-Wave uses less of your electricity bill than a phone charger!
Call now at 800-555-5555 or shop online at
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