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Senior Project Portfolio

No description

Amy Rundle

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Senior Project Portfolio

Senior Project Portfolio
Table of Contents:
Everything you need to include in your portfolio will be listed in the
T of C
Letter to the Judges
All portfolios must include a
Letter to the Judges!
Senior Project Overview
Senior Project Portfolio
If you have gotten here and completed all of the previous components you are done!
Suggestion for your letter:

This is the first impression the judges have! Make it a good one!
Keep it simple, honest, and personal.
It is a Business Letter format!
Talk about yourself, your family, your school life, special interests and of course: your project!
Make your FIRST impression count
in no more than 1 page!
There is a specific format and order to all aspects of the Senior Project Portfolio.
Suggested paragraph organization:
• Pgph. 1 = Introduce yourself
• Pgph. 2 = Discuss your high school experience, future plans
• Pgph. 3 = Discuss your Senior Project
• Pgph. 4 = Explain your learning experience during the project
• Pgph. 5 = Thank the judges

Serves as a quick 'snapshot' of your project
Make sure to give
information regarding
the learning steps/
struggles and successes of your project!
Every Senior Project has a 'stretch'!
Identify yours here:
Note any 'special' components of your project here, something you are MOST proud of!
Use complete sentences when filling out your project overview.
Project Self Evaluation
Your chance to reflect and evaluate your own work. Take time on this, be reflective, and critical of your work!
This is a multi-page
document, use
complete sentences
Original Project Proposal
Insert your approved original project proposal here
Project Consultant
Client Evaluation
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