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Li Ka-shing

No description

Luisma Heven

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Li Ka-shing

Is known throughout the world as Chairman of the globally successful Cheung Kong Group.

His life story is marked by much more than his achievements in business.

Li Ka-shing
Mr. Li Ka-shing
Through the Foundation, Mr. Li has dedicated his time, energy, and resources to serving mankind.
The Li family faced a hard life in Hong Kong as the economy collapsed under Japanese occupation.

Li Ka-shing was then forced to take up a full-time job in a watch strap company to support his family.
Li Ka-shing became a wholesale salesman in a plastics watch strap company.

Li Ka-shing learned not only the experience of the plastics industry, he study on his own by buying used textbooks.
Li Ka-shing proved himself and was promoted to manager and then general manager within a few short years.
At the age of 22, Li Ka-shing decided that it was time to start his own business.

start-up capital: HK$50,000

Ka-shing founded Cheung Kong Plastics Company..
Li Ka-shing was born on July 29 in Chaozhou, China.

His father Li Yunjing was a primary school principal.
1957 and 1958
In the beginning, Li Ka-shing focused on making plastic toys.

He remodeled and expanded his plant to accommodate large-scale production of plastic flowers.
1980 (Foundation)
Factories were closed and schools were suspended.

Li Yunjing fled his native land with his family to avoid the perils of war.

They arrived in Hong Kong.
About him...
He ventured into the real estate business
In my personal experience, I have learned that perseverance and a commitment to serve society are not confined by limits of age or geography
“To beable to contribute to society and to help thosen in need to build a better life, that is the ultimate meaning in life. I would glady consider this to be my life’s work”
Responsible citizenship, to build in the hearts and minds of genuinely progressive Young men and women the will as well as the means to carry our true hope of the future.
I believe a well- ordered and harmonious society could only be built by those who know values and uphold its principles a world without principles is a world without trust.
Education can help instill in our youth a sense of patriotism a healthy mindset, a wealth of knowledge, and a correct set of values
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