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No description

Drop Box

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Dropbox

Dropbox Express by:

Marian Bermudez
Adrian Reyes
Sandy Favela
Rosalio Torres
Adrian Ortega

What is the cloud?
The future of Computing
AKA "The Internet"
Files are stored in the Cloud
"Off-site" storage prevents catastrophic loss
Back up
All in one
Best option for Business
Save Money on IT $$$
The Magic Box
Free Service
Backup important files
Share folders
View previous versions of files
Browse Dropbox website
Create public links
Brings documents, photos & videos everywhere.
Why Dropbox?
You can now back-up everything you want!
Don't need to worry about flash drives or memory disks!
Can access anywhere at anytime!
Dropbox Pro
-$99 Per User Year
-100 GB Per Account
Version History & Recovery
-$39 Per User/ year
Security Settings
-Two Step Verification
-Mobile Passcodes

Computer systems aren't always reliable..
Dropbox for Business
Corporation Statistics
Getting Started

Create an account at:


-Microsoft Windows
-Mac OSX

Starts at $795
As much as you need
Version History & Recovery
Security Settings
Two-step verification
Mobile passcodes
Reset passwords
Sharing controls for links
Sharing controls for folders
*Plus: Live Support & Team Management Tools
FREE! * Accessible Compatible

Simple User-Friendly Secure Encryption
Demo Time!
Founded in 2007, Launched in 2008
As of Nov. 2012 it had over 100 million users
Praised by NY Times, Washington Post, PC Magazine.
Private Company
Has become a household name "The old guy"
Over a Billion files saved every 24 Hours
About 500 Million in Revenue
Valued by Private Investors for over 5 Billion
Recently merged with Yahoo! Mail
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